Eve’s Sunflowers

I am so happy to finally be sharing this with you all! Ta da! Eve’s Sunflowers blanket. Ohhh, this one was a long time coming, but here it is at last 😀 Look at all those lovely sunflowers! This was a special request blanket. My beloved aunt/godmother, Eve, was admiring another blanket I’d done in … More Eve’s Sunflowers

Happiness is…

…a pile of squares, ends all sewn in, ready to be worked together into a blanket. Is there a better feeling than this? Well, when it’s all finished that’ll be pretty good too 😀

Sneak peek

The Sunflowers blanket is coming along nicely, and I’m hard at work on it, writing up the pattern, photographing all the tricky bits, and working up the necessary number of each square. Next pattern I’m going to do something with fewer colour changes! *headdesk* sooo many ends to sew in. Ah well, it’ll look fabulous … More Sneak peek

Progress at last

I have (finally) finished the next square pattern for my sunflower blanket, hurrah! I was so hoping I’d have enough of the purple to get round that last corner and side, but no, onto another part-ball to finish it up. It’s entirely irrelevant, since I’m just using scrap yarn to write the pattern, but my … More Progress at last


Twenty long, frustration-filled days later, and I have finally completed the pattern for the biggest square of my new project. Looking at it now, there’s one teeeensy adjustment I’m going to make when I work it up in the proper colours (it’s in among the lime-looking green) but it’s literally just omitting a stitch and … More Hurrah!


Progress is definitely being made on the first square of my latest project. It’s about ten inches across now, and I’m slowly squaring it off. Did I mention my love affair with post stitches? The love affair is definitely continuing. Oh yes. Gotta love post stitches.

Petal problems

The hair-pulling stage of crochet design has already begun. Oh yes. Today has been spent doing more ripping out than making progress. Which I expect at this stage! But it’s still frustrating. However, that said, I’m pretty pleased with how it’s going. I’m struggling with the sunflower petals – that long, thin shape is relatively … More Petal problems