Eve’s Sunflowers

I am so happy to finally be sharing this with you all!

SAM_4299 copy.jpg

Ta da! Eve’s Sunflowers blanket. Ohhh, this one was a long time coming, but here it is at last 😀

Look at all those lovely sunflowers!

This was a special request blanket. My beloved aunt/godmother, Eve, was admiring another blanket I’d done in this gorgeous cotton yarn, and I asked if she would like one, and said she should go away and think about what she would like in her blanket. She came back with sunflowers – the very same idea I had already been entertaining! Eve is one of those people who seems to have unending amounts of love, compassion and support for everyone in her life, and it’s a real joy to me to be able to give her back a little of that love in blanket form (she reads this blog, so I know she’ll be embarrassed now, but it’s all true).

One happy Eve 😀


Yarn info
I used Scheepjes Cotton 8, in the following colours: Black (515), Dark Brown (657), Light Brown, (659), Soft Yellow (508), Ochre (722), Rust (671), Canary (714), Light Orange (639), Dark Green (713), Light Green (642).

I also used Scheepjes Sunkissed, in the following colours: Sunkissed 12, Sunkissed 15.

I used approximately:  4g black, 25g dark brown, 25g light brown, 139g soft yellow, 81g ochre, 53g rust, 94g canary, 147g light orange, 118g dark green, 302g light green, 100g Sunkissed 12, 25g Sunkissed 15

Scheepjes Cotton 8 and Sunkissed comes in 50g balls. Your usage may be more or less depending on your gauge.

Gauge is not essential for this project.

  • With the suggested 4ply yarn and a 3.5mm hook, the whole blanket measures 43 inches. The central square is 15 inches across, the medium squares are 7.5 inches, and the smallest squares are 3.75 inches.
  • With DK weight yarn and a 4.5mm hook, the whole blanket measures 65 3/4 inches.
  • With Aran yarn and a 5mm hook, the whole blanket has a projected size of 67 inches.

If your central square is smaller, your blanket will be correspondingly smaller. If your square is bigger, your blanket will be bigger. Use what feels comfortable to you with the yarn you choose. I tend to have a tight gauge; use your own judgement as to whether you want to go up or down a hook size, or even two!

The pattern is available on Ravelry as a free download. The whole pattern has been tested, thanks to the wonderful admins over at Pippin Crochet Club.  However we are all only human; please do let me know about any errors you find.

The pattern document includes plenty of images to help with particular steps and stitches. Please be aware that it is a big file, and a long document. I have not offered a photo-less, printer-friendly version of this pattern, because there are a number of places where the pictures are invaluable.


19 thoughts on “Eve’s Sunflowers

  1. Again an amazing bkanker Catherine! And impossible to belief you do this for free! Thank you so much for you desigenertalent and time <3…gretig from the Netherlands Marjolein


  2. Dear Catherine, your designs are truly amazing, I made Demelza blanket, waiting for a CAL for Ross, and now I know I must do this wonderful sunflower afghan too. Thank you many many times for creating these designs and sharing them with us.


  3. You must be the same special friend as Eve is…..what a beautiful gift to her – and gift to us all !! I loooove sunflowers!! I still need do to the Delmenza but could not find yarn for my colour way – the Sunflowers is next……( first)
    Thank you!!! Love from South Africa!!


  4. Hello Catherine, I love your blankets, This is so beautiful as your other 2 blankets. Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful patterns. Happy Crocheting ~Sofia~


  5. Wow! I am enthralled. I adored Demelza Blanket, it brought my sister to tears when she opened her present. I have the yarn for Ross, but, oh my! I can see this taking lead place. Another beautiful creation Catherine. Thank you for offering it freely again.


  6. I can’t wait to get started on this! My grandmother requested it and it’s more intricate than anything that I’ve ever done. But Grandma’s wish is my command!


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