Eve’s Sunflowers – alternate colourways

I’ve been asked if I have a colourway for Eve’s Sunflowers using Stylecraft Special DK, so I’ve been having a play with my yarn pegs to see what I could come up with.

I will stress that this is not in any way a ‘colour pack’ – I don’t know what quantities of each colour would be needed, though I can say that one of my testers used SSDK (not in these colours) and, with a 4.5mm hook, she used 21 balls of yarn. This is just colour guidance, for anyone who wants to use similar colours in SSDK.

Scheepjes = Stylecraft Special DKSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Black = black

Dark brown = walnut

Light brown = mocha

Soft yellow = lemon

Ochre = mustard

Rust = gold

Canary = sunshine

Light orange = spice

Dark green = bottle green

Light green = spring green

Sunkissed 12 = citron
Sunkissed 15 = jaffa
With tomato instead of jaffa
I am least confident about the Sunkissed 15/jaffa substitute, so as an alternative to that, you could use tomato. That obviously brings in a much redder colour, but it’s definitely on the orangey side of red. It will create a slightly different effect, but not a bad one. Colours can be very subjective, so you can make up your own minds which you’d prefer to use πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Eve’s Sunflowers – alternate colourways

  1. If only I had known, I spent ages a couple of weeks ago sorting out what colours to use, eventually I chose black, walnut, mocha, lemon, gold, copper, citron, spice, cypress, meadow, saffron and sunshine. All stylecraft special double knitting. I only bought 18 balls so from what your tester has found I may need to buy some more. I am working backwards doing the small squares first and leaving the centre panel until last so if I do run short any differences in dye lots will be less noticeable. Loving the pattern, thank you for all the hard work behind it


    1. 😦 I don’t think you need to worry about your colours; it all sounds pretty spot on. There were definitely some shades where I had a hard time deciding between them; I almost included copper and cypress instead of a couple of colours. It’s not a precise match, and the colours I’ve suggested are only a guideline.

      The joy of SSDK is that dye lots tend to be pretty uniform, so hopefully it will all work out for you πŸ™‚


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