Sneak peek

The Sunflowers blanket is coming along nicely, and I’m hard at work on it, writing up the pattern, photographing all the tricky bits, and working up the necessary number of each square. Next pattern I’m going to do something with fewer colour changes! *headdesk* sooo many ends to sew in. Ah well, it’ll look fabulous in the end. See the end of this post for a sneak peek, because I’m so excited by how it’s coming out 😀

Meanwhile, look at the fabulous artwork made for me by davinciblr on tumblr!






Demelza with a Demelza blanket! I’ve had a copy printed and framed, and it’s sitting in my bedroom where I can look at it every day.

I love it so much I’ve even had it printed onto a phone case, so I can carry a bit of my Demelza blanket around with me.




And here is your sneak peek:


I’m so eager to get to the point where I can share it all with you. Not too long, hopefully!

4 thoughts on “Sneak peek

  1. Gorgeous colors you are so clever. Really enjoying Demelza blanket – even with a ball of tangled and knotted yarn that took me nearly three hours to sort out and unravel.


  2. Looks gorgeous (what little we can see😁)I shall have to make one for my daughter, she had sunflowers for her wedding bouquet and the other flower decorations, looking forward to seeing the end product x


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