Winding fun

I promised I’d be better about updating, so here I am with a quickie. Nothing to show project-wise (though I’m halfway done with that decorative design I mentioned the other day) but I got some lovely yarn the other day, for making a Christmas present, and I just had to share my excitement at finally … More Winding fun

Keeping busy

I have been appallingly bad at updating here, over the past few weeks. Life – or rather, chronic ill health – has somewhat jumped on top of me, stomped around a lot, and left me feeling rather battered. Not that I haven’t been crocheting: on the contrary, I’ve been terribly busy, hard at work on … More Keeping busy

British summer?

Okay, I confess. It’s my fault it’s raining. We’ve skipped right over August weather into autumn weather, at least in this corner of the country. It’s cold (ish) and very wet and it feels like we’re mid-September already. And it’s my fault, because I have started my Christmas crochet projects. Well, to be quite accurate, … More British summer?