An exercise in frustration


I have had a rather frustration ten days or so. I’ve ripped out much more than I’ve progressed! Nobody ever said pattern-writing was easy, and this week it’s been harder than I can ever remember – not helped by not being in a great state, health-wise. Fatigue and pain can make it rather hard to concentrate. But I am making progress, slowly. The square is nearly at the size I want it (this square will be central to the blanket, and I’m aiming for 15-16″ across), and I’m pleased with all the work I’ve done post-ripping out.

It’s taking me longer than it took to write the patterns for the Demelza and Ross blankets – but of course, I was using DK yarn for those, and this is 4 ply. A thinner yarn means more rounds per inch! But because it is slower, I may have to take a break from it before it’s done, because I have another blanket to do before Christmas, as well as a variety of smaller bits and bobs for various people. We’ll have to see how it goes 🙂

5 thoughts on “An exercise in frustration

  1. Your work and Designs are amazing. I am making the Demelza blanket now with itisallinanutshell blog (up to part 2 so far) and I love it. Thank you for the beautiful patterns.


  2. Love the talent that you have and how you share it with all of us. It is like having a sneak peek at a present. I am so excited to see what you create. We have been blessed with your creativity!!!


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