The Three Witches

Sometimes you’ve just got to amigurumi. Or at least I do. I started crocheting, many moons ago, with amigurumi – dolls, animals, play food – and I still enjoy a good amigurumi pattern, particularly when I’m in the mood to make something quick. Say for Christmas, or a child’s birthday that I’d forgotten about 😀 … More The Three Witches

Wheatfields – progress update #5

Today’s update is brought to you by the words ‘flatness’, ‘squareness’, and ‘arrrrrrrgh’. I mean, it’s okay? It’s getting there? But I’m definitely having to do some fiddling around to a) keep it flat (because it’s a picture, it therefore has to be flat – texture notwithstanding), and b) keep it squared off. Siiiiigh. It … More Wheatfields – progress update #5

A very weary ta da

I have been trying, and failing, to write a blog post for the last month. The reality of having ME is that sometimes my words fail me – literally. I have not had words, this past month. Between the heat in August and my mother being seriously ill in hospital (sepsis is no fun), I’ve … More A very weary ta da