Hello from my new home!

Wow, what an insane few weeks it’s been.

Pre-move, there actually wasn’t all that much for me to do, since it was blindingly obvious that the only sensible course was for me to pay the movers to pack me up. But ten days before planned completion, the party at the top of the chain threw (frankly) a bit of a hissy fit over how long it had all taken, so five days were spent frantically trying to get everybody’s paperwork lined up and in the right places to stop the top of the chain walking away. Wholly unnecessary drama, since we’d all agreed an aimed-for completion date, but phew, at least it’s all done now. Contracts were exchanged, money was moved, and moving day happened.

The movers actually came the day before, to pack stuff up, and I negotiated access to the garden with my vendors, so I could construct a chicken coop and run and make sure my lovely ladies were safe and fox-proof! And wasn’t that an absolutely mammoth task. By the end of day two, there was me, my friend Simon, my carer J, J’s two teenage daughters, and carer A’s teenage daughter – in the dark – frantically trying to cable tie panels of wire mesh together. I ended up moving the chickens in the dark, which to be honest was a good thing in the end because the chickens were all completely dopey and therefore I could get hold of them all very easily!

But it was worth it – they are very happy chickens, and started laying eggs again straight away 😀 (ignore the general state of the garden, I basically just dumped the pots there and haven’t had energy or the weather to turn my attention outdoors yet).

As for the other animals, the cats are all settling in really well. Bumble has found the warmest spots already (the living room window on sunny mornings, a radiator in an upstairs bedroom the rest of the time) and the ‘kittens’, who really are no longer kittens, have explored every possible inch of the house and have progressed to staring mournfully out of the windows at the world beyond. We’ve been here three weeks now, so ideally they’ll have another 2-3 before they go out – not least because I don’t yet have a catflap…

As for me, I’ve also settled in very well. I’m not fully unpacked yet, because it turns out the wiring is so dodgy in places that the only sensible thing to do is rewire the whole house (and no, it didn’t come up on my survey!), so the essentials are out, and some non-essentials, but pictures and decorations? There’s just no point. Not when the walls are gonna have holes knocked in them, carpets are going to have to come up, etc, etc!

It’s a bit of a headache but I’m not panicking, which just goes to show how settled I already am 😀 this is my forever home, if all goes as planned, and rewiring will only ever have to happen once.

Crochet-wise, I’ve been working on a few bits and pieces, but nothing massive. I made sure I knew where hooks and yarn were, and I have finished up a stashbust blanket (of which more at a future date, when I have found my camera!), but there’s been so much to do otherwise that crochet has rather taken a bit of a back seat over the last few weeks. It’s not absent, just slower than normal 🙂 things will settle down. It’s still very early days here, though to be honest it feels like it’s been months – it’s already my home, which is a really, really good feeling 🙂

Hope all of you in the UK have survived the recent storms. The only casualty here was a fallen fence, which thankfully is not my fence so I don’t have to deal with getting it mended. Apart from that, all’s well here!

I promise my next update will be more crochet-related 🙂 I’ll see you all soon!



13 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Well done on your move Catherine, it sounds like it has gone so well. I have bought and sold 8 times, my experience is someone somewhere along the chain always throws a hissy fit. It does seem a tad odd it was so near your presumed moving date, but you never know exactly what other people along the line have been told by their estate agents or solicitors and it is not always the same as you have been told. The chicken coop looks fabulous and I am pleased your “ladies” appear to have accepted the move so well. Enjoy your new home.


      1. Ha ha! When I first met my husband he had brown walls and large orange curtains! I liked the curtains though, but not the walls!
        Good luck with the unpacking – we’ve been in USA for 7 yrs now and still not unpacked everything! Luckily we have a crawl space under the garage where it all stays – maybe one day I will just take it all back to the UK again!!
        Glad you are feeling it is home now – you will even more when you get to decorate with your own choice of colours.


        1. I’m planning something like a decorating party this summer, to paint the rooms I’m in least often. Two of the bedrooms are white but with a grey wall, which is rather gloomy! For the living room, I think a professional may be best 😀


  2. I am pleased you feel so settled already and I wish you every happiness in your new home. Enjoy! Everything will fit in to place in its own good time. I’m glad you have made time for some relaxing crochet! Jay


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