Moving house

Well, friends, to quote my favourite musical* – ‘the time is now, the day is here’.

Moving day!

Yes, after a very long year of sorting, clearing, paperwork and inching my way through the whole process of probate, I am finally moving. The contracts have been exchanged, completion is set, and I will be in a new house on Wednesday evening.

I am both excited and scared. Having always lived in this house, the whole experience of moving is completely new to me, and obviously I’m leaving the home I’ve lived in all my life – the home Mum made for us. But I’m looking forward to having a space that will be, wholly and completely, mine. It’ll be beyond strange for a while, but hopefully before too long I’ll have settled in.

I am, of course, taking some crochet in a ‘box of stuff I need right away’! I have my priorities straight. I have a box of cat supplies, a box of kitchen/bathroom supplies, a suitcase of clothes and crochet, and an afternoon set entirely aside to get the new chicken coop and run assembled (as some of you may remember, I have waged war against my neighbourhood foxes over the last few years and I’m not willing to give the new ones even an inch of leeway).

Everything else can basically sit in boxes until I have the energy to unpack them!

All of which means that you probably won’t see much of me for the next few weeks. The internet should be set up the day after I move, but my poor ME-ridden body is going to be absolutely knackered for quite some time, and I’m not sure my brain is going to be much better. I will be back when I can 😀 I have a stashbust granny square blanket to show off, and I’m crocheting a solid Campfire Cardigan as well, which shouldn’t take too long even with the move, so hopefully I’ll be back to share those with you in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed that my move goes as smoothly as possible (it should!) and I’ll see you on the other side 🙂



*Les Mis, naturally.

9 thoughts on “Moving house

  1. I hope your move goes smoothly. I completely understand the wrench of leaving a home in which you have always lived but I trust you will have many happy memories. I wish you much happiness, peace, joy and satisfaction in your new home and hope you will settle quickly. I am sure you will soon create many more memorable moments and occasions and crocheted masterpieces.
    Take care. Warmest wishes, Jay

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  2. Oh my, what a wrench! But, you know, when you look back you may see that it was a good thing! From my own experience, and from what was then the worst time of my life, came my “golden era”. Some really beautiful years that I still am connected to via friends and colleagues I made then (way, way back to 70s and 80s!). It enriched me in a way I could never have foreseen. So, do what you have to do – put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. Take care of you, YOU CAN DO THIS! God’s got you!

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  3. Good luck, moving is exhausting at the best of times, let alone when adding in ME..
    I hope you can really enjoy your new house and make it the space you want. I moved nearly 6 years ago and was lucky that everything was OK, but it just wasn’t as I wanted it and I’m slowly getting there. Some projects move quicker than others -I’m part way through sorting out the “under stairs cupboard” (well that’s what it would be if I didn’t live in a bungalow) just got a rail left yo put up and that’s been waiting since December.


    1. It’s been very exhausting, but I’ve been lucky to be in a position to pay for movers, and to have a great support network around me. Both my carers are like family; their kids have been over helping, dropping off milk when I ran out, all sorts of stuff. I couldn’t have done it without them!


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