Under the Sea

By now I imagine many of you have seen the fantabulous news that Stylecraft’s 2022 crochet-along has been designed by none other than yours truly 😀

Under the Sea is the blanket I designed a year ago, and it’s so thrilling to finally be able to share it with you all!

I actually began the very beginnings of designing this blanket waaaay back in autumn 2020. It was, you may remember, a bit of a tough time for me. My mum was dying, and then by Christmas she was gone, and I sort of expected that I wouldn’t have any mental energy for designing. But lo and behold, this design just kind of…popped into my head, and nagged at me, and made me work on it.

I’m fairly certain it began with the circles, the idea of using little circles within a square to make a block, and then the sense of water, and sea creatures, came in. Lots of wave shapes, lots of battling to get the star fish just right. Lots of working and ripping and cursing, as per usual! At one point I realised I’d actually designed one too many blocks, which was, all told, a rather nice position to be in!

But despite the cursing and ripping out, it actually came together relatively smoothly. I worked out what sea features I wanted to represent, I picked my colours. I designed the squares – in gray, as in the picture above, because as you may remember, I almost always design in a single colour so I can get the shapes and textures right before I embark on colour placement.

I originally created two colourways for this blanket.

The first, in Stylecraft Special DK, is called ‘Fathoms Below’. I love the Special DK range, the colour choice is simply unbeatable and the yarn is perfect for blankets that will get a lot of use – soft but durable, and very very washable 🙂

This colourway is designed to inspire thoughts of tropical seas – vivid blues and turquoises, and bright yellows and oranges.

The second colourway, Beautiful Briny Sea, uses Stylecraft Bambino and Bellissima. I love this yarn, it’s so soft to work with and has absolutely beautiful stitch definition.

I chose these colours to reflect the kind of seas you more often see here in the UK! Still beautiful, but a more muted palette of blues and greens.

When Stylecraft offered to host the CAL, they asked if I could choose a third colourway, in a different yarn.

I decided to go for Stylecraft Batik, because it’s a very different colour range to either Special DK or Bambino/Bellissima, and I knew it would create a really special effect. Also I’ve used Batik before for blankets, so I know how lovely and soft the end result is.

This limited edition colourway is called ‘Edge of the Water’.

This is the only one of the three that I didn’t crochet myself, but I love the colours so much that I’m going to be joining in the CAL with you all, to make a version of ‘Edge of the Water’ to keep alongside the other two 😀

At this point you’ll all want to know details of the CAL.

Well, colour packs are on sale today from all good retailers!

The CAL starts on 5th April, and you will be able to download the first part of the CAL from Stylecraft’s website, here. After that, each new part will be released fortnightly.

There will be ‘getting ready’ instructions available to download from 22nd March. All parts will be available in both UK and US terms.

Stylecraft also has a Facebook group for CALs, and that’s going to be the quickest and easiest place to get answers if you’re stuck at any point.

I am really looking forward to seeing all your blanket journeys, and to joining in with you all as we work our way, part by part, towards a gorgeous end result. Do let me know if you’ll be crocheting along with us!



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