New hens

Would you like to meet my new chickens? Yes, of course you would! So a few weeks ago, one of my older ladies, Gabby, died rather suddenly. She’d laid me an egg two days before, so I wasn’t expecting it, but it happens. That left me with four: Gertie , who hasn’t laid in god … More New hens


Hello from my new home! Wow, what an insane few weeks it’s been. Pre-move, there actually wasn’t all that much for me to do, since it was blindingly obvious that the only sensible course was for me to pay the movers to pack me up. But ten days before planned completion, the party at the … More Hello!

Moving house

Well, friends, to quote my favourite musical* – ‘the time is now, the day is here’. Moving day! Yes, after a very long year of sorting, clearing, paperwork and inching my way through the whole process of probate, I am finally moving. The contracts have been exchanged, completion is set, and I will be in … More Moving house

Post-Christmas ta da!

Happy New Year, everybody 🙂 I hope you all had safe, covid-free Christmases and got all the yarn-y presents you wanted. I had a more pleasant Christmas Day than I feared I would have, in the few days beforehand. My brother came to stay on the Sunday before Christmas, quite late in the evening, and … More Post-Christmas ta da!

I’ve been nosying through my recent projects, trying to work out what I can share with you all. Despite the paucity of my blog posts, I’ve actually been crocheting quite a lot lately – it’s just most of it is for Christmas presents, and I’m never 100% sure which of my ‘real life’ people reads … More

More ta da!

I am still very much going through a phase of wanting (needing?) to do small crochet projects that take, at most, a few days. The addictive properties of the ‘ta da, finished!’ feeling are definitely helping me through what’s so far been a rather blue first half of autumn. There’s a lot of being in … More More ta da!

Ta da!

I meant to write this post earlier in the week, but it’s been one of those weeks. Computer trouble, washing machine trouble, early mornings and pushing forward with paperwork have all combined to make me rather fatigued. And it’s only Thursday :S To be honest, it’s been a bit like that for the last month … More Ta da!