Candyfloss Daydreams – in translation!

I’m so excited to say that there are now video tutorials for my blanket Candyfloss Daydreams – in English, Dutch, and Arabic!

Bianca of Bianca’s Crochet Palace, who has made videos for Eve’s Sunflowers and The Secret Garden, has done videos in English and Dutch for Candyfloss Daydreams. The Dutch playlist can be found here, and the English playlist can be found here.

And Nona Crochet, an Egyptian youtuber, has made videos in Arabic. You can find the playlist for this here.

I’m always so thrilled when people approach me wanting to translate my patterns into other languages, whether as written patterns or videos. It’s great to think my patterns can reach more people around the world. The world may be large, but yarn crafts connect us all πŸ˜€

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