The Secret Garden – pattern

I’m glad you’ve all enjoyed hearing about my design journey for this blanket. And at last pattern publishing day is here!

Here’s all the stuff you need to know.

I used Stylecraft Special DK in the following colours: White, aster, bluebell, violet, plum, vintage peach, gold, mustard, saffron, lemon, buttermilk, pistachio, cypress.

I used approximately:
White x 205g, Aster x 128g, Bluebell x 59g, Violet x 38g, Plum x 90g, Vintage peach x 179g, Gold x 167g, Mustard x 39g, Saffron x 87g, Lemon x 66g, Buttermilk x 153g, Pistachio x 586g, Cypress x 869g

You can buy colour packs here.

With a 4.5mm hook, my blanket measures 66″ across.

Gauge is not essential for this project. What is important is that your 6” squares are all the same size, and that the other size squares are correspondingly sized. That is, your 3” squares should be half the size of your 6” squares, and your 9” squares should be one and a half times the size of your 6” squares. If your squares are smaller, your blanket will be correspondingly smaller. If your squares are bigger, your blanket will be bigger (and you willl use more yarn).

The pattern is available in US terms and UK terms, and assumes you are familiar with a range of basic and more intermediate stitches. Anything that is slightly out of the ordinary will be explained in the pattern, with pictures where necessary.

It has been extensively tested, but we are all only human, so forgive any errors we might have missed!

The pattern is available on Ravelry as a free download.

However, although I am offering this pattern for free, I would be very glad if you felt moved to make a donation in lieu of payment to the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity. This is a hospice that’s local to me, and it’s the place where my grandma passed away in 2016. This blanket has been particularly special to me because of the emotional connection with my grandmother, as I’ve explained, and if you felt willing and able to make a donation to the hospice, I would very much appreciate it.


P1000026 copy

8 thoughts on “The Secret Garden – pattern

  1. One of the loveliest blankets I have seen, based on one of my most favourite books, especially as I was born and grew up in Yorkshire, and my dad was an avid gardener. If you don’t mind I’ll send my donation to dad’s local hospice, in memory of him.


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