Wheatfields – progress update #5

Today’s update is brought to you by the words ‘flatness’, ‘squareness’, and ‘arrrrrrrgh’.

Wobbly edges, sigh.

I mean, it’s okay? It’s getting there? But I’m definitely having to do some fiddling around to a) keep it flat (because it’s a picture, it therefore has to be flat – texture notwithstanding), and b) keep it squared off. Siiiiigh.

It doesn’t help that there’s a section in the middle that’s ended up, somehow, slightly bigger than the surrounding bits, i.e., it’s kind of puckering a bit. I can sort of stretch and pull it into shape, so I think once it’s framed and taped down it’ll be okay, but it’s not helping my twitchiness!

The other issue that affects flatness is squareness – i.e., keeping the edges at right angles and making sure I’m not slanting inwards or outwards. This is hard, particularly on the left hand side of the sky, where I’m working in lovely long rows that have a tendency (crochet being what it is) to slant rightwards. Correcting that can cause a bit of wobbliness at the edges – but I do remember having this issue with Starry Night as well, so I’m telling myself not to worry too much!

See how the lefthand side is leaning in? Some of that I’m going to be able to correct as I fill up that gap in the middle, I think.

However, flatness and squareness aside…….this is actually looking pretty good, isn’t it? Really rather close to finishing. And the flaws that I can see will never be seen by anyone else – especially once it’s hanging on a wall, and looked at from a distance!!

Today is a sewing-in-ends day, because the forest of ends is threatening to overwhelm me. But then I’ll start in on that middle section, which is a slightly more complicated swirl, and it really isn’t going to be long until it’s *whispers* done.

Meanwhile, I did mention in my last post that two little furry babies were arriving, didn’t I?

Meet Demelza and Persephone. Two little tortie kitties, ten weeks old, absolutely full of original sin and adorableness 😀

They’re settling in well, getting more confident about wandering around the house and very happy flinging themselves around the living room. Bumble, my 14-year-old, is mostly ignoring them unless they get close (when she hisses a warning), which I’m taking as a good sign. Better that than attacking them! Mum and I are very much enjoying getting to know our new friends, and they have already learned the sound of me opening a tin of cat food. Because that’s a very important sound in the life of a kitten, isn’t it? 😀

6 thoughts on “Wheatfields – progress update #5

  1. Your Wheatfields looks gorgeous! About it being flat? I wouldn’t worry about it. I went to a Van Gogh exhibit when I was in high school. What immediately stood out to me was how “3D” his paintings were. The amount of paint on them was astounding. They were not flat at all. I thought that they must still be drying there was that much paint on them. Pictures don’t do them justice, after all, since they are two dimensional. So, I am sure what you are creating is very much like the original painting itself (which btw, I got to see in person since it was part of the exhibit–it was amazing!). Love your new sweet beasties as well! Adorable!


  2. Your “Wheatfields” is looking great! I can’t wait to see the final version. Your two new family members are adorable. Tortie is my favorite color. Those two look like they can get in a bit of trouble if they want. I’m glad to hear Bumble is able to communicate to the youngsters to keep their distance.



    1. They’re mostly sticking to the living room so far, and my bedroom is definitely Bumble’s territory, so we haven’t fussed too much about keeping them separate because they’re basically doing that themselves! Poor Bumble, she seems confused more than unhappy. She’s still cuddling up to me at night, so she can’t be really cross 😀


  3. I was really hoping the Wheatfields was finished when I saw it on Instagram yesterday. Patience, patience! That Cyprus is just amazing. In fact I want to stroke the whole thing. D&P are also unbearably cute!


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