Aaaaand relax

Phew, I have had a hectic couple of weeks.

Two weeks ago, I spent the week disassembling and reassembling chicken coops. Yes, really. My old coop was falling apart, my chickens had spent three year suffering as I failed to win the battle against red mite (think head lice for chickens, but even harder to get rid of!), and enough was enough. So! A new coop. And so far *touches wood* no nasty little red mite are in evidence. Fingers crossed. It will make all the exhaustion worth it, if I have managed to eradicate them.

Then last week was occupied in dashing back and forth to the v-e-t, because our darling little cat, Slinky Malinki, became very poorly suddenly. It turns out she has kidney failure, despite being rather young for it, and we’re now in a state of ‘wait and see’. She’s on a special diet and some medication, and hopefully she’ll stabilise and live on happily – but it’s been a shock, and rather tiring. She is regaining energy and character, though, so I think we’re definitely not in worst case scenario territory.

In between all of this, I have been plodding on with my blanket. I say ‘plodding’, because as I’m sure you’ll all appreciate, sometimes that’s just what it is, when you’ve got a certain number of the same motif in the same colourway that you’ve got to get done.

And boy, is this blanket a blanket that involves a lot of motifs. Often small motifs. Loooots of small triangles. I added it up earlier and, in total, this blanket involves 188 triangles. Yeaaah, that’s a lot. Plus 36 squares and 9 octagons. I am almost halfway through the triangles, though, so yay me!

But, in good news for anyone who might want to actually make this blanket, there are Definite Whispers going on about a crochet-a-long. Exciting things are happening behind the scenes. Watch this space πŸ˜€

To cap off my run of ‘busy, busy, busy’, this last weekend I had a lovely jaunt out ‘up north’ (I’m from East Anglia, most places are north to me πŸ˜› ) with the Stylecraft team and the other Stylecraft blogstars.


We met up on Friday night for a drink, a meal, and a natter, and then on Saturday we went to Stylecraft’s mill. There we were treated to a presentation on some of Stylecraft’s forthcoming yarns (and got to handle some of them, too!), and talked about projects ahead, both for Stylecraft and for us individually.

It’s always so much fun, getting in a room with these wonderful people. We have these meet-ups twice a year, but it’s been a bit of turbulent year for me and mine, health-wise, so I haven’t been for a while. I was so glad I got there this time, and it was lovely hearing about what everyone has been up to lately.

We’d been told we would have a little book-making workshop after lunch, and it was suggested that we might like to make a cover for our book. I didn’t think I was going to have time, because as I said I’m plodding through pieces for my current blanket, but in the end I took a day off from that (which had nothing to do with all the ends waiting to be sewn in, oh no…) and whipped up a cover based loosely on the rectangle panel from the Demelza blanket:


Stylecraft Special DK, obviously, in various shades of blue (plus parchment). Just bits and bobs out of my stash πŸ™‚ I also managed to make one for my brother, who came with me as PA/chief wheelchair pusher. His hockey team have a bee as a mascot. Spot which one is his, in the below picture! πŸ˜›


A collection, I think you’ll agree, of absolutely fabulous little notebooks. And it was so simple to do that I’m sure I’ll find myself making more at some point.

So now I am back home, back to my blanket, and absolutely under strict instructions to Rest. I’m doing my best πŸ˜€

4 thoughts on “Aaaaand relax

  1. How great that you were able to attend the Blogstars meet-up this time AND have the convenience of a dedicated “wheelchair pusher” in your brother, saving your arms and hands for lots of crochet. It’s so cool that Stylecraft have helped all of you ‘Blogstars’ to network and meet in person. What would you describe as the biggest benefit of that?
    I love your ‘bee’ themed book cover. I have been working on a ‘bee’ themed project too which I hope to blog about sometime this month. It is nice to break up huge or complicated projects with simple little ones.
    Finally, I wish you all the best with your motif blankets and all the ends and sewing that it entails – all seems rather scary to me! I obviously don’t have your patience or determination.
    Rest well so you can crochet and play another day.


    1. The biggest benefit for me, personally, is meeting other crafty people πŸ™‚ I’m mostly housebound, so it’s rare that I get to mingle with other like-minded people. Meeting up with the Blogstars gives me a chance to talk yarn all day long, and it’s fantastic.


  2. Enjoyed reading about your trip. Would love to have the pattern for the cover on the books.
    Can hardly wait to see the Afghan when you’re done.

    Hildie Worden


    1. There isn’t a pattern per se – I think I crocheted something like 62 foundation double crochet, and then just worked back and forth as in the rectangle section of the Demelza blanket, with fewer dc stitches between the fptc stitches.


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