Ta da! Rainbow granny blanket

When I was flicking through my camera the other day to get pictures I’d taken at the Stylecraft meet-up, I realised I had never posted pictures of a stash-bust blanket I worked up in January. Whoops! And it’s such a simple project, which turned out really well, so it would be a shame if I forgot all about it entirely.

So here it is:

P1010418 copy

Isn’t it pretty? And it’s dead simple, too. It’s simply nine large granny squares, joined on the final round with continuous join-as-you-go.

There are various different ways to work granny squares, but for these I worked ch3 in each corner, and ch1 between each cluster of dc stitches. I turned after each row, to keep the squares neat.

I used Stylecraft Special DK, with a 4.5mm hook, in the following colours: Silver, lipstick, spice, citron, meadow, cloud blue, violet, wisteria.

As you can see, I worked a round of silver between each round of colour, which made the squares larger and spaced out each colour nicely. I worked the join and border in silver – and the border was simply ‘ 5dc in the second of 3dc cluster, then sl st into ch1 space’ worked around the whole square.

It’s 37″ square (~94cm), so a toddler-sized blanket, really, or a small lap blanket/wheelchair blanket. Currently homeless, but my theory of blankets is that an owner for it will come along sooner or later – it’s just a question of being patient 😀

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