Falling in love

Do you ever come across a pattern that uses a technique you haven’t mastered yet, but you love the pattern so much that you resolve to learn it?

I have absolutely fallen in love with this jacket/coat by Morale Fiber. So in love. Isn’t it goooorgeous? With the elf hood! and the pointed hem! and the flared sleeves!

It is, however….completely beyond my skill set. Not only is it a fairly serious article of clothing (not a pond in which I have dipped my toe much, crochet-wise), which for my size would require some adjusting (although two further sizes are planned by the designer) but it’s also in tunisian crochet. Which I have never, ever tried.

The designer does say that it could be done in single crochet, but I suspect it would create a very different feel to the fabric.

But…….I adore this coat. Absolutely adore it.

So it’s obvious what I need to do. I need to learn tunisian crochet.

This is definitely a long-term goal. I am thoroughly occupied, at the moment, by my current blanket design – and loving working on that, despite having spent the last eighteen hours wobbling over one of my colours. Sometimes, even having yarn pegs doesn’t mean getting the colours perfect from the beginning! But I am coming through the wobble, and I seriously love this blanket. It’s an exciting project to be working on.

But yes. Afterwards, I shall embark upon a new adventure in learning tunisian crochet. I am determined. Because ohhhh that coat is just too gorgeous to ignore!

5 thoughts on “Falling in love

  1. Hello, I hope this e-mail finds you happy and healthy! On your pattern for the Elf Coat you changed the yarn to a number 4 size yarn, do you think it will make the sweater coat too heavy? It is a rather large project, and it may become a cumbersome item when completed.


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