Ta da! Baby blanket

It’s nice finishing something quickly, sometimes. I love big projects, I love the planning and the work and the final ‘omg yes it’s brilliant’ moment, but I do also like things that are more of an instant gratification thing. Or, if not instant, at least ‘a couple of weeks’ rather than ‘several months’!

So, as I said last time, I’ve been working on a baby blanket in solid granny squares, both for trying-out-yarn purposes and because I’ve been so brain foggy. And now it’s done! I’m very pleased.

The yarn is Stylecraft Jeanie, in haze, bloom, petal and white. I used one ball of the first three, and two balls of white, with a 6mm hook. Each square was about 3.25″ across, with three rounds, and I made 81 in total (9×9 layout) – 20 of white, bloom and petal, and 21 of haze. I joined them together as I normally do, in single crochet, right sides facing each other, back loops only. The border is no. 25 from Edie Eckman’s book Around the Corner – I wanted something simple but effective for this blanket, and this border just fits the bill.

And then, because I had small amounts of each colour left, I made this:

It’s a free pattern by Sharon Ojala. I modified it slightly because I didn’t quite have enough yarn for the whole pattern as written. But! I ended up with no leftovers. Isn’t that just the most wonderful feeling?

I’m feeling a bit better this week (touch wood) so I’ve been back to designing. One cushion cover down, two to go (for a set of three complementary covers). In grey, so far, because as you know I always design first, then play with colour later πŸ™‚ fingers crossed, it’ll keep going smoothly.



8 thoughts on “Ta da! Baby blanket

  1. How lovely – and the little bear is so cute! I must say though, that the star of this post for me is the cushion cover 😍 can’t wait to see the two others as well – I’m sure they’ll be just as beautiful with your talent applied to them πŸ˜‰


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