Tiny ta da

So, hands up who else forgot it was Mother’s Day on Sunday?

No? Just me then?

*headdesk* in my defence, I spent last week in a hazy fog of ME exhaustion, plus my mother is actually in hospital at the moment (heading towards three weeks now, ugh) and one way or another, Mother’s Day just sort of slipped my mind.

Normally I get Mum flowers, but she can’t have flowers in hospital, so on Sunday morning I hastily whipped up this:


A quick and simple garland. And look, I used up some more of those little bits of leftovers that I was talking about! Fourteen little flowers (using flower patterns from my The Four Seasons hoops) strung together on a chain, all in Stylecraft Batik yarn.

I used a 5mm hook for the flowers and a 3.5mm hook for the chain (because it looked neater in a smaller hook). I chained roughly 100 to begin, then joined with a slip stitch to the back of the first flower. I chained 15 between each flower, and then at the end another 100. Sewed in the ends, and voila. Instant pretty. Well, near-instant, anyway – it only took me about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, to whip this up.



It’s now strung across the window in Mum’s hospital room. Perfect. She was pleased with it. Definitely an acceptable substitute for a bunch of flowers! And she’d forgotten it was Mother’s Day too, so it all worked out πŸ˜€



I’ve not been doing much exciting crocheting over the past week or so, thanks to the afore-mentioned brain fog and physical fatigue, but I always have to be hooking something (I go stir-crazy if I’m not), so I’ve been working on a baby blanket made of solid granny squares.


I’ve been looking for an opportunity to try Stylecraft’s Jeanie yarn, so this seemed as good a project as any. It’s a gorgeous yarn, 60% cotton and 40% acrylic, in an aran weight, and ohhh it’s so soft, and the fibre mix gives it such a lovely feel, the acrylic giving a bit of stretch to the cotton. The four new shades (white, bloom, haze, petal) are good additions to the blues already in the range, and I think this is going to be a lovely, muted baby blanket.

The blanket has no destination in mind, but hey, I’m using up some yarn, and somebody will have a baby, at some point. That much is fairly inevitable in life!

I am trying to do a bit of designing, as well, but as I said, I’ve been lost in a fog of exhaustion and designing has been a bit beyond me. But we’ll see what happens. Hopefully I’m on an upswing now. Fingers crossed for me πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Tiny ta da

  1. Best wishes to you and your mum. Pretty garland. I usually forget about Mother’s Day because the UK one is in March and the Canadian one is in May! However in an unusual spurt of organisation, I sent off a birthday card and a Mother’s Day card to my mum in time for both events this month.


  2. Well here in the USA Mothers Day isn’t until May so don’t feel bad you forgot. I wonder where else its not until May. The weather is nicer then to celebrate us Moms.
    I am new to your blog and like it.


  3. Catherine, I do hope the upswing has well and truly started and the fatigue and fog have lifted. Thinking of you.


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