Too many WIPs

I seem to have ended up with three WIPs at the moment. It’s extremely unlike me, and it is rather disconcerting.

It’s happened for very sensible, sound reasons, but I’m still disconcerted by it.


My first WIP is my current design project, the cushion covers I’m working on. I’m neeeeearly at the finishing stages of the third design, and then I get the joy of working them up in colour. But the problem with designing is….well, frankly, I don’t always have the brain power for it. Sometimes I’m just too tired to make it work. Sometimes I get too frustrated with it and have to set it aside for a while, but still want to crochet.


Enter WIP two, which is a blanket using Polly Plum’s Stardust Melodies squares, in Stylecraft Bambino. It’s my ‘don’t need to think much’ project. Her patterns are beautifully written and easy to follow, so I’m able to just sit and crochet without having to wrestle with stitch counts and shapes and symmetry and…you get the idea. It’s my no-brain project.


Buuuut neither of these projects is terribly portable right now. The Stardust Melodies squares need a lot of stitch markers and I like having all the squares in one place so I can double check the sizing is right on each one. The cushion covers aren’t portable because I type up my patterns on my laptop as I work on them, and I can’t carry my laptop around everywhere with me.

So enter WIP number three, which is Dorianna Rivelli’s Pocket Full of Posies vest, with a Caron Cake, which makes it ultra portable, and it’s not-too-brain-requiring, too. I’ve not got very far with this one (I don’t go out a huge amount!) but it’s a WIP nonetheless, and it’s nice having something that I know I can take out and about when I need it.

So you see, there’s very legitimate reasons for my current multiple-WIP state. But it’s not like me at all. Normally I have one project on the go, or two at the most (for the above-mentioned times when my brain refuses to design). Ah well. One or other of the first two WIPs will be finished soon enough, I’m sure, and everything will be back to normal πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Too many WIPs

  1. Like you, (and for much the same reasons, unfortunately) I also have WIPs of varying degrees of thought-needing or fingers-working capabilities. So you’re definitely not on your own in this inconvenient club!

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  2. I have at least four on the go at the moment, because I would at some point be left with nothing to work on while I wait for the next part of a CAL if I only worked on one. However, they also have different ability levels or attention requirements. I think I would get bored if I only had one WIP on the go at a time! They say that variety is the spice of life, and wouldn’t life be boring if we were all the same?!

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