Advent – days 21 & 22

Still on track – just. Yesterday’s ornament was complete yesterday except for the sewing on of a button, which I did this morning. But it still counts, right? All the crochet part was done yesterday, anyway…

On the twenty-first, I got this gorgeous striped purple and pink yarn. The pink is quite a funky not-quite-neon pink šŸ˜€ I made another angel by Oombawka Design, this time her Christmas Angel. As with the previous two angels, it’s a lovely pattern, producing a delicate angel. I particularly love how the stripes worked into a swirl on the head.

Yesterday I got this gorgeous red yarn, sort of two-toned reds. I was so pleased! I’ve had a pattern for a poinsettia in my queue since the beginning of December, but no red so far. This is June Gilbank’s Poinsettia, the small version and, obviously, all in red rather than with any green. Since the red ‘petals’ of the poinsettia are in fact leaves, just like the green leaves, I figured this would do. I made a centre as per the pattern, again in red, but sewed on a gold button to differentiate it a bit. I’m pleased with how it’s come out. And as I said above, I finished all the crochet yesterday, and all the sewing together except for sewing on that button. So I’m still counting that as done in a day!

Today’s ornament is done, but too late to photograph. Then tomorrow’s yarn parcel, and then it’s Christmas! There is in fact a little parcel for Christmas Day, which I think (from a judicious feel) contains a final mini-skein, but I think I’ll be excused for not managing an ornament on Christmas Day itself!

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