Advent – days 16 & 17

My pile of tissue-wrapped mini-skeins is beginning to look rather small 😦 but that means we’re nearly at Christmas, so I can’t be too sorry! I’m still managing an ornament a day, hurrah.

On the sixteenth, I got this lovely multicoloured yarn. It made me think of tropical fruit but, on a more Christmassy note, I decided I would crochet a little Christmas jumper. The pattern is Melissa Mall’s Miniature Sweater Ornament, and it is in fact my first crocheted jumper 😀 It was fun to do, and I made a little pipe cleaner hanger for it. I think I set the sleeves in it wrongly, but it looks good enough, and it’s not like anyone’s going to wear it!

Yesterday, I got this blue and grey striped yarn, and I went with a pattern that I’ve had my eye on for a couple of weeks, just waiting for an appropriate yarn. It’s Esther Chandler’s Simple Origami Bauble, and for the most part it lived up to the name. Finishing it off was a little trickier, but there’s a youtube video that shows it clearly. The pattern calls for different colours, but I think it looks lovely in this striped yarn.

Today’s ornament is done, but not yet photographed. Tomorrow I am set to do a tonne of baking, but I have kept up my one-ornament-a-day streak so far, so I’m determined to keep it up!

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