Advent – days 13, 14 & 15

Still on track 😀 and that’s despite a trip to the cinema on Thursday, so yay me!

On the thirteenth, I got this beautiful pink yarn. Oh it’s such a lovely pink – and I say that as somebody who is not, as a rule, drawn to pinks! For this lovely shade, I decided to do another of Oombawka Design’s angels, this time the Peace on Earth angel. I’m seriously in love with these angel designs; they’re so delicate-looking, especially in this fine 4ply yarn, and I have a feeling I may end up making a whole flock of angels at some point. Not this Christmas, though!

On the fourteenth, I got this goooooorgeous deep blue yarn. Think TARDIS blue! It’s so gorgeous. I adore it. I decided to do something where I could use some silver beads as decorations, because blue and silver is just lovely, so I made this bauble, by Flo and Dot, from their ‘Baubles, Baubles, Baubles‘ pattern. I made it a little larger, because it was going to come out tiiiiiny otherwise. It’s small, but beautiful 😀

Yesterday, on the fifteenth, I got this yarn. It’s a really deep, dark purple – nicer than I can capture in pictures, but I have to admit, this is the first yarn from my advent calendar that has stumped me a bit. Everything else, I’ve looked at and I’ve known pretty quickly what I wanted to make with it. Not this one. It’s such a dark purple! However, I eventually decided on a little Christmas gift. The pattern is Liz Ward’s Mini Christmas Present, but I ended up adjusting it quite a lot, to make it bigger to suit the yarn. If you’re interested, my adjustments are on my Ravelry project page. I wrapped it in a bit of ribbon, and I’m quite happy with the end result. Still, definitely not my favourite of the bunch so far!

Onwards and upwards. I’ve got to hurry up this evening and crochet as fast as I can, to finish today’s ornament while it’s still today; my afternoon was mostly spent looking after animals of various kinds. Thank goodness it’s warmed up a little bit – cleaning out a chicken coop in the middle of winter is no fun!

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