Advent – days 5, 6 & 7

I meant to blog yesterday, but I didn’t want to photograph yesterday’s ornament in artificial light, so it’s wound up being today instead. All three have been completed on the day, hurrah!

On the fifth, I got this gorgeous yarn, which for some reason made me want to call it unicorn yarn. No, I don’t know where that came from, either. I also got an adorably cute snowflake stitch marker! I decided to make an angel with this yarn, and I went with Priscilla Hewitt’s Flat Pineapple Angel. It’s a lovely pattern, very well-written, and I whipped up this angel in very little time. It’s so beautiful; I couldn’t get photos to do it justice.

On the sixth, I got this red and yellow striped yarn, which is so cheerful and bright! I made another star with it, this time Julie Harrison’s Crochet Star. I love how the stripes on each little diamond don’t quite match up, making it a really segmented star. It’s so cheerful.

Yesterday I got another green yarn, this one a really brilliant forest green, as well as two ‘handmade with love’ labels. Obviously I decided to make another Christmas tree! This one is Patricia Castillo’s Christmas Tree with Buttons. It’s terribly cute 😀 A lovely quick, fun pattern, spruced up with a collection of buttons as ornaments.

I’m really having so much fun, opening my yarn parcels and finding new patterns to make with each day’s yarn. I’ve opened today’s parcel already, and am just deciding what to make with it. I’ll update again in another few days 😀

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