Advent – days 3 & 4

Another two days done 😀

Yesterday I got this yarn, which for the life of me I have not been able to photograph well. It’s greener than it looks – a beautiful rich green. And so of course I made a little Christmas tree with it. The pattern is ‘DIY Crochet Tree‘ by Asa Bautovic, another free pattern. I’ve linked to the Ravelry page, rather than her blog, because the pattern is in Dutch. There’s a translation (a rough translation!) in the comments on Ravelry. It’s not tricky to figure out, though. Once it was done, I sewed on some little gold beads as decorations. It looks really lovely. And, as I say, a lot more green than the pictures show!

Today I unwrapped my parcel and discovered this goooorgeous orange and black tiger-striped yarn. I couldn’t think what to do with it at first, though. Then I found a lovely little pattern for a bauble – ‘Christmas Ornament‘ by Cathy Ren. Again, it’s free, and very simple. All you need to know is how to single crochet 😀 worked up like this, it makes me think of glowing embers in a fire. It’s a tiny little bauble, but very funky. (Once again, I’ve been too impatient, and have photographed it in artificial light. Ah well).

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