Ta da! Forked cluster hat and cowl

I have made a hat!!!


It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough 😀 I am extremely pleased. The cowl was easy enough, but ohhh that hat took a lot of ripping out and reworking.


Mum refused to model for me, so hat and cowl worn by yours truly. The hat’s a bit big on me, but it’s perfect for her.

I did write the pattern down, but I’d want to tinker with it before sharing, so we’ll see.

In the meanwhile, I’m back to my blanket, and lovely piles of beautifully neat squares. I love when squares start piling up. Just don’t remind me that I haven’t sewn in any ends yet…

5 thoughts on “Ta da! Forked cluster hat and cowl

  1. I won’t remind you.
    I have the same thing I’m not reminding myself about here, too.
    So let us never speak of this again. 😉

    Lovely hat, btw. Rather chic and beret-like, I think!

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  2. Lovely hat and cowl! It’s snowing here in BC, Canada, so the winter woollies are most definitely needed. Enjoy your day.


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