This, that and t’other

The problem with working on a blanket is that I don’t often have much to tell you all. Sometimes, it seems, days and weeks go by without me having anything substantial to blog about. I don’t have anything substantial today, but I’m sure you won’t mind a quick catching-up post 🙂

In terms of the blanket, I have just finished sewing in ends on a batch of squares, which makes me officially a quarter of the way through the squares for this blanket. Hurrah! Forty done and dusted, including ends.

I’m actually a little bit more than a quarter of the way done, because I have forty more centres done, but as they’re not complete squares, they don’t count yet.

Oh-so-elegantly stored in a cardboard box.

I’ve also made (yet another) phone holder for my mother. She has a number of these now, mostly made of Stylecraft Special DK. This new one is in the same purple Rowan yarn that I used for her hat and cowl.

P1000263 copy
The light’s not great, but you get the idea.

She thinks she needs one to colour-coordinate with every single possible outfit in her wardrobe. I think they’re deathly dull to make. Ah well. They are, at least, brainless and easy to do on days where thinking is particularly hard.

There’s no pattern for these as such – with a 4mm hook I do a foundation single crochet of 14 or so stitches (or the width of the phone), then work back on the other side of the foundation sc until I reach the beginning (so 28 stitches in an oval-ish round). Then I just work round and around and around until the holder is tall enough for the phone. The strap is 4sc wide, and I begin one end without breaking off the yarn from the holder. The other end I sew in securely. Ta da! Quick and dead simple way of carting your phone around. Especially useful for people who need to keep a phone close for safety reasons.

I’ve also worked up a couple of quick head-related accessories for the daughters of a friend of mine. I used Stylecraft Head Over Heels, in Snowdon (ooooh I love the colours of this one) to crochet a head wrap for one daughter who has alopecia. It’s a paid pattern, and I had to make adjustments. I was determined to use this yarn – a 4 ply rather than a DK weight – because the colours matched her uniform colours so well. But it wasn’t hard to do the adjustments, and the result is good. She’s very pleased, anyway! I also whipped up a couple of hairbands for her younger sister, in the same yarn, because nobody likes being left out.

And last but not least…everybody who knows me was sort of nodding their heads and rolling their eyes at me when I swore and promised there would only be one hedgehog, and yes, they were all right to do so. I’m a sucker. Solo has been joined by Duet.

P1000260 - Duet


She’s bigger than Solo – 378g when she came inside – but still far too small for the cold nights we’re getting now. So she’s come inside, and I’ve taken her on, and yes, I absolutely swear that there will be no more. None. There’s no more room.



(no more room for yarn, either, but that’s not stopping me wandering onto etsy with an eye towards flagging up to family that yes, hand dyed yarn is a perfectly acceptable Christmas present and no, I don’t have too much already…)


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