Winter is coming

I love autumn – all the glorious colours, all the different shades of green and red and gold, the drifts of dry, crackling leaves, the first fires of the season, watching the natural world begin to fall asleep.

But winter is good too, and winter is now just around the corner. Winter means snuggling under a blanket and drinking lots of hot tea (okay, fine, I do that all year round), it means hats and scarves and gloves, it means the possibility of snow and the certainty of Christmas.

P1000234 copyWinter means my mother dropping heavy hints about needing a scarf and hat to match her new coat. So I picked up some Rowan Pure Wool Superwash, discounted because it’s a discontinued shade, and I chose a stitch pattern, and worked up an infinity scarf without much trouble. And then she says, wistfully, that a hat to go with it would be nice – and maybe mittens if there’s enough yarn.

Of course, the trouble with picking a stitch pattern out of a book is that obviously there’s no matching hat pattern for me to use. So this is me, designing my very first hat. Gulp. At least she just wants a beret-style one – shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ve made berets before. I know the theory. We’ll see!

P1000236Working on this means my blanket is also somewhat on hold – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because the design is just the one square, repeated 160 times (yes, 160 squares. But only four ends per square! Go me!), and that can sometimes feel a little dull. Variet is the spice of life, so I’m not all that bothered about pausing the blanket to work on a hat.


Crochet aside, the other thing that winter means for me is fostering hedgehogs. I try to keep this blog very much about crochet, but I just couldn’t resist telling you all about this year’s little ‘hog.


This is Solo, who came to me on Sunday weighing just 200g. At this time of the year, hedgehogs really need to be about 600g to survive hibernation, which could happen quite quickly as the temperatures drop. So when a neighbour found this little one, she brought it inside and then brought it to me. No clear gender ID yet, so it’s still an it, not a he or a she – but isn’t it a tiny little adorable ball of spikes?

This is my fourth year fostering hedgehogs. At one point last winter I had five, which honestly was too much for my current state of health. This year I will just have one – a manageable workload – and thus the name ‘Solo’. As in, nobody is going to let me forget that this little one is going to be the sole hedgehog!

So a lovely winter ahead, crocheting and looking after my little hedgehog and snuggling under blankets. I’m looking forward to it 😀

5 thoughts on “Winter is coming

  1. Aw, good luck with the hat/scarf/mittens, and good luck with little Solo. Cuteness factor is off the scale, I reckon. Getting very cosy vibes from your blog today. 🙂


    1. Sadly not – even a plain single crochet stitch has too many potential snags for little claws, and anything like a granny square is completely out of the question because of the risk of snagging limbs and breaking legs. They get torn up newspaper and squares of fleece, and are very happy making lovely nests with those. And then very unhappy the next day when I come and clean it all out!


  2. I’m very glad to hear of more than crochet in your blog, and so glad to hear of the fostering of Solo 🙂 Coming from Australia it was very interesting!
    Good Luck with both hat and Solo.


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