My mother and I have a running joke about boxes and tins. Like a biscuit tin, or a tin that some chocolates came in, or a nice, sturdy, decorative cardboard box that maybe had a mug in it originally, or something like that.

One of us – usually, I admit, me – will always say ‘oh, what a nice tin’, and keep it because it ‘might’ come in useful some day.

The reason this is a running joke is because of my grandmother, who always said that. If you gave her a present in a box or a tin or a gift bag, she always made a huge fuss over ‘what a nice box’ or ‘what a nice bag’, etc – often more of a fuss than she made over the present itself! So whenever I say it, or my mother says it, we know exactly where it comes from. It’s hereditary. We are nothing if not my grandmother’s progeny 😀

And such a cute little Rudolph on the top, too.

Buuuuuut, every so often it comes in useful. Like now! Aha! Go me! I kept a tin because it was nice and big, and I knew some day it would come in useful. It was a tin that originally came with some loooovely smelly Christmas-y goodies from Lush, and even after being washed out, it still has a gorgeous aroma of cinnamon and vanilla.




And look! It’s perfect for my yarn pegs!

These are my Stylecraft Special DK pegs – one for every colour in the range. Yarn pegs really are the greatest idea for having the full colour range, and being able to play with all the colour combinations . I love my pegs, and now they have the perfect storage container 🙂


Now all I need to do is find nice tins for the other sets of yarn pegs I have. I’m sure there’s another perfect tin hanging around somewhere in the house…after all, you never know when one might come in useful.


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  1. What a good idea. I am going to copy you as soon as I find my color pins (they are somewhere in my stash).


  2. My 14 year old just purchased a $$$$ headset, and when he took it out of the packaging he started to toss out a very nice black box. I said, ‘Its such a nice box, may I have it?” Lol it’s a girl thing; we all have that same genie!!!! I save all tins and “nice boxes”. Enjoyed you tin story, and your sharing of your grandmother’s love for the presentation of a gift. Smiles 🙂


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