Ta da! Ringbinder cover

I love that ‘ta da’ feeling of finishing a project, don’t you? πŸ˜€ So ta da! My finished ringbinder cover.

Ooh, I had fun doing this project. It was a nice little stitch sampler, a good way to use up those small odds and ends of yarn, and a unique finished object πŸ˜€

SAM_4418 copy.jpg
That’s the Demelza blanket layout at the front there πŸ˜€

And now all my pattern scribblings areΒ  safely in one place. Hurrah for organisation!

Now, I did write up the pattern as I went, but it’s a bit rough and a bit less detailed than my usual patterns. More of a template than a tutorial, if you see what I mean. I need to neaten it up a little, and write a glossary of stitches used, and then I’ll publish it here, hopefully within the next few days. Just in case any of you are as nerdy as I am, and want your very own crocheted ringbinder cover for any reason!

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