Post-Christmas ta da!

Now that Christmas is over with, I can share some of the little things I crocheted for my friends for Christmas πŸ™‚ I’ve also got a couple of Christmas-present-blankets to share, but those are gorgeous enough to merit their own post. This one will be reserved for the little geeky things I made.

One of the things I love about making little geeky things for my friends is that it enables me to use up bits of stash. Yes, that’s definitely a plus point. But it also means I’ve got something small and handmade to give to my nearest and dearest at Christmas – something that’s increasingly important to me as I grow older. I like to give handmade gifts, or at least to have a handmade component to them, whether that’s a little crocheted amigurumi to sit on somebody’s shelf, or a bag of homemade biscuits or fudge to be gobbled up and enjoyed, or a pomander to spread Christmas-y scents for months to come. Whatever I make, I know I made it with love, and it’s received with love – which is, really, what Christmas should be all about.

And obviously geek/fan references are a must, for me and my friends, because we’re all geeks and proud πŸ˜€


I made this BB-8 amigurumi, inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, for my friend Sam. She requested it months ago – though I think she forgot in the meantime! – and it was fun to make and assemble. The pattern is by Casey Barnes and is free on Ravelry.


Thor and Loki, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These little guys turned out just so adorable. I saw the patterns and just had to make them for my friend Lali. The patterns are by Jess Newstone, and once again they are available for free: Thor; Loki.

(Excuse the poor lighting in these pictures – I was in a hurry to get them wrapped and didn’t want to wait for daylight!) Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur – the original three Pokemon starters. These were made for my friend Erin, who got fired up with the Pokemon Go craze this year. I particularly like Charmander’s fiery tail πŸ˜€ Patterns by Clare Heesh, all available for free: Charmander; Squirtle; Bulbasaur.

I took part in a Secret Santa this year among a group of Poldark fans, and so of course I had to crochet a little Demelza – and her dog Garrick, to go with her. The basic doll pattern is by Tracy J, and available for free, though I adjusted various bits to make the skirt and to adjust the top. Garrick was crocheted using a pattern for an amigurumi wolf, which is available for free but requires (free) registration on the Lion Brand website.


And the last little thing I crocheted is less geeky, but is utterly adorable. These Itty Bitty Bats went to my friend Jessica, because one of her nicknames is ‘Jessi-Bat’ πŸ˜€ Pattern by Lucy Collin is available for free.

A ‘ta da’ post for blankets will follow shortly. Meanwhile, I hope all of you who celebrate it had a lovely Christmas, filled with love and kindness.

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