Granny Blues

I tend to be a one-project-at-a-time sort of woman. I don’t usually like having more than one project on the go, because I have an appalling ability to end up getting myself into a massive muddle about what I’m doing and what still needs to be done, and I end up standing in the middle of the room, staring around blankly, wondering ‘where exactly did that last pile of squares go?’. I’ll make an exception for small, ‘done in a day or two’ bits and pieces, but in terms of blankets, I try to stick to one at a time.

But at the moment, my ‘one at a time’ project is my own design – and it requires a heck of a lot of brain power. Brain power that I sadly lack right now, thanks to being at a horribly low ebb with my chronic illness. I’ve got one final square pattern left of this current design, and it just isn’t happening. My brain refuses to work, and when that happens, I’ve learnt from long experience that I just have to give in and rest.

‘Resting’ for me, however, doesn’t exactly mean ‘doing nothing’ – I would go completely round the bend if I didn’t have hook and yarn to fiddle about with on and off during the day! So I’ve started a stash-busting project; a back-to-basics granny square blanket. I mean, we’ve all got to stash-bust sometimes, right? Because I like starting a new blanket with a full ball, so I can keep track of how much I’m using, I inevitably end up with lots of bits leftover, and eventually something’s got to be done with them! Those small balls of leftover yarn, those few metres of one colour, half a ball of another, a nearly-unused-but-not-actually-full ball…They’re good for small projects, but sometimes you’ve really just got to burn through some of that stash.

This time I’m stash-busting blues. I tend to have a lot of blues and purples hanging around (my favourite colours!), so I’m starting with the blues and I may throw in a few other colours, depending on how many squares I end up with and how many I think I need to make a full blanket.

Bumble decided she had to ‘help’ me take a photo



I’ve worked my way through most of the smaller bits and pieces of blue yarn in my stash, and I have 31 squares so far. They’re 3 3/4 inches across, five rounds, worked in Stylecraft Special DK with a 4.5mm hook. Now I’m moving on to the bigger part-balls.

There are so many little variations on granny squares: how many chains to work in the corner, whether to work a chain stitch between groups of 3dc, to start new colours in the corners or on a side, whether to turn the square or not…And I tend to vary what I do a little, depending on whether I’m working in a solid colour or in different colours! But for these squares, I’m working a chain stitch between each group of 3dc, and ch3 in the corners. I’m turning at the end of every round, which keeps it nice and square.


It’s a nice, simple project that I can crochet without looking, and certainly without too much thinking, so my old familiar brain fog can’t stop me creating 😀 I’ll end up with a nice, old-fashioned granny square blanket, and less stash yarn to try to fit into my storage space. Both good things!

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