Post-Christmas ta da – the blanket version

I made three Christmas blankets this year. One was a commission, and I posted about that already, but the other two were gifts for very good friends of mine, both of whom read my blog, and so of course I couldn’t post pictures before they’d opened their presents! But they each now have their blanket, so I can post at last.

This is an Around the Bases blanket (pattern by ChiChi Allen), given to my friend Michele. It was worked in Stylecraft Special DK with a 4.5mm hook. I used turquoise, sherbert, walnut and cream, and it’s such a gorgeous colour combination. It makes me think of mint choc chip ice cream! This pattern lets you use any square to start off with, so I used my Demelza ‘flat flower no. 1’, which looks so different in this colour combination. My tension drove me nuts in a couple of places here, and I ended up ripping a whole load out at one point to redo it, but I’m very pleased with the finished blanket.

Mandala Madness (pattern by Helen Shrimpton)! And oh boy, is that pattern aptly named. I used a 4.5mm hook and Stylecraft Special DK in silver, parchment, sage, parma violet, denim, turquoise, cloud blue, bluebell, petrol, violet, and wisteria. There were definitely rounds where I stretched myself, where I tried to tear my hair out. Rounds where I told the recipient, Cyn, that she had bloody well better love this thing because it was driving me insane. But it was all worth it, and I’m so, so pleased with how it came out. And, happily, so is Cyn!

6 thoughts on “Post-Christmas ta da – the blanket version

  1. I love both of your blankets, the colours are gorgeous. I have seen mandala madness photos before, but thought it was done in chunky yarn! You have inspired me to make one now, it is really lovely. Thanks for sharing them and I am so glad the recipients love them too. Happy Christmas to you


    1. If you have a look on Ravelry, there are Mandala Madness blankets in all sorts of yarn weights – obviously the thicker the yarn, the bigger the final blanket! My one ended up big enough to go on a double bed, with a bit over the edges but not much. Bear in mind, too, that I have a relatively tight gauge – it might well come out larger for you, in the same yarn weight 🙂 It’s a good pattern, very well written, and fun to work on because it’s all different.

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  2. I have really enjoyed looking at these beautiful blankets. At the moment I am doing a jacket in Tunisian crochet which is working out quite well. Thanks for showing us your lovely work.


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