Let it snow

How is it December again already? I swear it was only a minute ago that I was packing away the decorations, in January. But the calendar doesn’t lie (usually), so I suppose it must be so.

Which means it’s time to get out my wreath!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Ahh, I love my wreath. I made this last year, for our front door. I remember having wreaths on the door – some years, anyway! – as a child, but I wanted something more permanent, something special. Something that was unique to our home. So I browsed some patterns for wreaths, couldn’t find anything that I really loved, and decided to work up my own idea.

The base was a polystyrene full ring, about 25cm across (the exact size escapes me…). Then I used stash yarn, which happened to be Stylecraft Special DK in claret, and with a 4mm hook crocheted a rectangle with a beginning chain of 27 – so 26sc across. I didn’t keep track of how many rows I worked up, but there was a lot of stopping and checking it against the ring, and doing a bit more, and checking again. Once the rectangle was long enough, I sewed it around the polystyrene ring. And yes, the rectangle really did turn into a tube that fitted around the ring perfectly. Magic!


The snowflakes come from ‘100 Snowflakes to Crochet’ by Caitlin Sainio. This a great book, with so many different snowflakes to crochet. For my snowflakes, I worked with a 1.9mm hook and Babylo size 10 crochet cotton. Strong light is definitely advised for working with such a small hook and fine thread 😀 I had in fact made a whole pile of snowflakes the year before, just for the challenge, so I had plenty of snowflakes ready to be chosen for my wreath. I played around with the layout and then pinned them in place. Then I sewed them on with sewing thread, making sure – particularly for the larger snowflakes – that I didn’t sew around the outsides. I wanted the snowflakes to stick up a bit, to make a more 3D effect.

This one was made in exactly the same way, except I used lipstick instead of claret, and a slightly different array of snowflakes.

It was such a success that my ‘auntie’ Eve asked me to make her one, too, and since I had plenty of snowflakes left, of course I said yes 🙂

The wreaths are sturdy enough to withstand the elements, and then in January I’ll dry it out on a radiator for a day or so, and pack it away ready for the next year. I have a feeling that hanging my snowflake wreath is going to be part of our Christmas preparations for many years to come.

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