Ta da! Orange Granny blanket

This has to be the brightest blanket I’ve ever made, it really does. But it’s done! A very, very orange granny-square blanket, for an orange-loving recipient.

Wow. Yup. Very, very bright.

This has been a stashbust project, mostly (I ended up having to acquire more jaffa). The request was orange, so I used Stylecraft Special DK in jaffa, spice, saffron and white, with a 4.5mm hook. The white and yellow, as well as the darker rust-orange of the spice, softened the jaffa somewhat, though not much!

Each granny square is three rounds, and I used a join-as-you-go join to make life easier for myself. As you can see, I went for a sort of checkerboard pattern, with jaffa for the vast majority of the squares and randomly using the other three colours to fill in the gaps. There are 225 squares in total, in a 15×15 layout.

I stuck with granny stitch for the border – seven rounds, alternating jaffa with spice, saffron and white. The border is ever-so-slightly wider than each square, but close enough đŸ˜€

I have to say, I do love a basic granny square. Crocheting squares of any sort is always satisfying, but there’s just something to infinitely versatile about the basic granny. I couldn’t spend all my time on them, but for both simple and statement blankets, it’s such a lovely go-to option. Multi-coloured, solid, whatever. Easy, quick, and fun.

Though I think it’ll be a while before I can face using any shade of orange in another blanket!

6 thoughts on “Ta da! Orange Granny blanket

  1. I made afghans for my three grandsons in their favorite colors. My eight-year-old grandson wanted orange! Orange is not a color I would have chosen, but I wanted him to have whatever he asked for. I did not like the way it turned out at all. I wish I had seen this before hand. This is beautiful, even if it is orange! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Would you share how many skeins of the Stylecraft yarn you used? I’ve never used that brand before. I want to make my grandson an afghan like this one, about 5×5


  3. I’m not sure I really know how much was used – since I started with part-balls in my stash! As an estimate, however, I think I used ~3 balls of jaffa and ~1 ball of each of the other colours, and it ended up somewhere around 35″ square.

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  4. That is a very beautiful bright orange blanket, my son would love it, his favorite colors are orange and green. Thank you for sharing this, so I will make one for my son with the yarn stash I have at home.


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