Ta da!

Believe it or not, I have a ‘ta da!’ post for you today! Yes indeed. I have actually completed something. Hurrah for me and, hopefully, farewell to my poor concentration (at least for a while…)

It’s actually two finished things, but one was finished in January 2020.


So, Christmas 2019, my mum gave me some gorgeous hand-dyed hard from Dragon Hill studio – three colours of DK weight yarn, 70% bluefaced leicester wool, 20% cashmere, and 10% silk. I wanted to put it to use fairly quickly, because I loved it so much, so I pootled around and found a pattern – It’s Shawl Good Cardigan, from Hook Heart Home. I didn’t manage to hit gauge, but was crocheting a size up to what I really needed, so I hoped it would work out okay. And it was – okay. But not more than okay. The yarn was lovely to work with, and the pattern was clear to follow and easy enough, but the final product was…eh. It was okay.

So I never got around to photographing it, probably because of that slightly ‘eh’ feeling. However, I have ended up wearing it a lot more than I anticipated. It’s fairly light-weight, so not a winter cardigan in any way, but it’s great for spring or autumn, or cooler summer days. I fling it on over a vest top and actually I began to really love it.

So when I decided I needed a properly summer-weight drapey cardigan, something to wear when (frankly) I’m going to be in the sun for a short while and can’t be bothered to put on sun screen, I went back to this pattern. (don’t do that. always wear sun screen, folks, skin cancer is nothing you want).

This time I went with Stylecrafts Naturals Bamboo+Cotton, in ecru, surf, nutmeg, sea foam and citronelle. I’ve used the yarn before, so I knew it would be delightfully drapey, which it just what I wanted. With a 6.5mm hook, I hit the same gauge problems as I did with the first one, but this time I was more confident, because of the experience with the first one. It’s a bit longer, and the arms are elbow-length rather than wrist-length, but all in all I used less than a ball of each colour. Because of the stripe pattern, I had least left of the citronelle, and most of the surf and sea foam.

And this time I’m really pleased 🙂 it’s a lovely weight without being too hot, I adore the colours, and I’m happy with how the pattern has come out. You can find all the details of yarn and hook, as well as my project notes, here on my Ravelry project page.

I took a couple of weeks off my patchwork quilt for this, because I wanted to be able to wear it this summer – although as soon as I started making it, the temperature dipped! However, I have made progress on the quilt. I’ve ended up re-sewing rather more than the 80% of seams I mentioned in my last post – I have, in fact, resigned myself to sewing all of them, because some of them are just loose enough that I know I won’t be happy if I don’t reinforce them all. There are 42 blocks in all (7×6 in layout) and I have twelve and a half left to go, so I really am on the home run. Well, not quite the home run, because of course then I progress onto actually cutting out some fabric for edging strips, and then, y’know, quilting the whole thing. But in terms of prepping for the next stage, I’m on the home run!

Completed seams have no papers left in them – it’s how I’m keeping track 😀 plus bonus Demelza, who has to come and investigate everything I do, at all times of day or night…ah well. She keeps me entertained!

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