Easter bunny, sort of

I realise it’s getting rather boring, me apologising for not posting in a while, but I am sorry it’s been so long. Life has been going on, with good days and bad days, but time seems to be a completely nebulous thing at the moment. I’m still counting in ‘weeks since Mum died’, which is slowly transitioning into ‘months since Mum died’, which I suppose is progress (nearly four months, now, which feels utterly surreal).

I have in fact been crocheting – quite a lot, really. I can’t remember if I mentioned that I’m doing my next design in two colourways? Anyway, I’m doing them both myself, which somehow turns it into an awful lot of crocheting! However, I am slightly over halfway through, I reckon, and I’m really pleased with all of it. I have piles of lovely neat squares, ends sewn in and everything, all over my table and I loooooove them. Despite the doubling of the work, I’m really glad I’m doing both blankets myself, because that way I get to keep both blankets myself πŸ˜€

I have also been doing a bit of non-crochet crafting. In excavating various forgotten corners of the house (twenty-five-year-old receipts, mother, seriously?!?) I found a whole pile of white cotton fabric that Mum bought at one point when she experimented with indigo dyeing. The results of her experiments were two large, squishy quilts, one for my brother and one for me, but there was a huge amount of undyed fabric left over. Should we, I suggested to my brother, have some tie-dye fun? Yes, he agreed, we should. We didn’t go for indigo dyeing, though we used some of those shibori techniques – Dylon hand dye was much easier and has given us some gorgeous colours

The results are interesting, and will be turned into a lap quilt for him and one for me. Quilting feels like it’s part of my heritage, almost! My grandmother made the most incredible quilts, and Mum made a few as well, so I decided I would have a go also. I have a sewing machine, I know how to sew a straight line and make a 1/4″ seam, so hopefully it won’t go too wrong. I shall share plenty of pictures, I promise πŸ™‚

However, the main impetus for today’s post is that it’s Easter and I suddenly realised I’d made something a while ago and, in the midst of grief/paperwork/sorting out that has preoccupied me since December, I never posted it.

Easter, bunny….just go with it.

In fact this isn’t really ‘new’ – it’s my Round Ripple Bunny Lovey, which I made a few years ago. It’s a very cute little lovey, if I do say so myself, and perfect for using a ball of yarn (plus a small amount of something else for the bunny part). And when Stylecraft released their gorgeous new yarn ‘You and Me’, I knew it would be perfect for this*.

Ooh this yarn is so soft and yummy to work with. It worked up like a breeze, and the colours are so lovely (this is ‘sophia’; there are six different colours in total). This time I paired it with Bellissima ‘single cream’. Don’t tell anyone, but I picked up the wrong hook for the head and arms :p it’s a little smaller than ideal, compared to the round ripple. But it works alright, so I’m living with it πŸ™‚

Click the link above for the pattern and all the details you need to make one of your own.

One final thing I must add before I go. I am still seeing some beautiful Kaleidoscope blankets being finished, from those of you who are posting to the Facebook group. I am so proud of how many of you have persevered, and so pleased that there are people starting their adventure for the first time. I know that some people have said it’s become their ‘lockdown/pandemic blanket’, and it’s really lovely. You’re all incredible.

Happy Easter/chocolate egg day, everyone!



*full disclosure, Stylecraft gave me this ball to play with, but I’m not obligated to write nice things about it!

2 thoughts on “Easter bunny, sort of

  1. I’ve found gardening to be a good distraction from grief. I’m clearing the front and planting vegetables, strawberres and rhubarb. Next up is making some raised planters so H can potter as well.


    1. The trouble with gardening is that the garden was so very much Mum’s pride and joy. I love it, and I do potter around doing bits and pieces, but I’ve got her voice constantly in my head when I do. But I’ll be moving within the next six months (I can’t stay here by myself, it’s too big and too empty and she’s deep in the fabric of the building) so I’m quite looking forward to having a garden of my own, something I can make mine.


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