Sometimes I am a numpty.

I’m making good progress on my current blankets. So good, in fact, that I thought I’d lay them both out to have a look. There was only one set of squares still to go, laying it out at this stage would be good – right?

Uh huh.

So apparently, when I sketched out the design for this blanket, I made a muddle of things. Or if not at sketching stage, then at the working-out-the-dimensions stage.

Looks good, right?

I designed the central square first, 17″ across, then the rectangle, which is quite clearly the same width but half the height of the central square – 17″x8.5″. That means that all the smaller squares had to be 8.5″ too, and there would be six different square patterns.

But. But but but.

If you look at the sketch, there are three smaller squares that fit along the rectangle/central square. As in, 8.5″ is too big.

What it should have looked like is this:

(falling off the edge of the page, but you get the idea)

And that, when I laid out all my blocks, is what I got.

It all fits together. No further square required.

*massive headdesk*

Ah well. I’d done one square, of the last design, but luckily I hadn’t sewn in ends, so I’ve frogged it.

However, despite feeling like an idiot because of this, it does mean that I’m about a week further along than I thought I was! That’s a good feeling, at least. Joining a blanket is always one of my favourite parts: seeing it all come together, knowing at last that all my squares work nicely alongside each other; adding a nice, neat join; and finally putting a border on it. I’m looking forward to doing it with this blanket.

Life otherwise is chugging along. A few weeks ago would have been Mum’s 65th birthday, and I had some of her friends over for a carefully-distanced cup of tea in the garden. It was actually a really lovely day, sharing memories of her with other people who loved her. We did a lot of smiling and laughing, which Mum would have been delighted about. The pain of her not being here is unending, but I am slowly, gradually getting used to her absence. I am surrounded (mostly virtually!) by people who care about me and are supporting me, and my kittens continue to be a blessing and a joy, keeping me entertained and distracted all day long (and half the nights, too…). My ‘mature’ cat, Bumble (don’t call her old, shhhh) is looking after me very well also. Onwards and upwards; they might be tiny steps, but I am taking them.

Now, having told you all about how silly I’ve been, I shall go and have a cup of tea and settle down to join this blanket together 😀

7 thoughts on “Oops

  1. That blanket plan looks lovely! I am looking forward to your pattern release. So sorry about your Mum. I lost my dad last summer and am still not “over it.” Still adjusting to the loss though remembering him with others who loved him really does help. There’s nothing like fur babies to help us weather difficult times. Hang in there…crochet is a wonderful way to stay busy and reflect on those important memories. Hugs…


  2. We all make mistakes, we’re only human! 😉
    The “blankets” look wonderful. I love the colors.
    My condolences, I’m sorry for your loss. No words can make it better but in time there will be more smiles than tears. Keep doing what you’re doing they’re wonderful steps towards healing. I know your furbabies are doing their best to help.😆


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  3. The blanket looks great! Your colors are beautiful and have lovely contrasts that make the different parts of the square designs pop.

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  4. The blanket looks great! Your colors are beautiful and have lovely contrasts that make the different parts of the square designs pop.

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  5. I’m so glad you’re feeling supported and that you were able to celebrate your mum’s birthday. The blankets are beautiful.

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