One last gift

Thank you for all your lovely, kind, compassionate comments on my last post. I haven’t been able to bring myself to answer them individually, but please know that it meant a great deal to me.

I wanted to share with you a piece of crochet that I worked on over the last couple of weeks.

A wreath, made entirely out of natural materials – cotton yarn, rattan frame. My last gift to my mother.

We buried her on Tuesday, at the local woodland burial ground. It’s a lovely place, quiet and peaceful, and though the glade where she is has only been ‘opened’ recently, I know from older glades that it will very quickly become a peaceful woodland.

There were very few decisions that my brother and I had to make about funeral arrangements – Mum had long since set down her wishes in precise detail! – but one thing that she’d never really decided about was flowers. We decided we would ask every attendee to bring a single flower to place in the grave, and I decided to crochet a posy of flowers, because that felt like the most appropriate thing I could do. I checked that I could bury natural fibres, and then began to work.

I quite quickly decided to turn it into a wreath. Not because there was going to be no other display of flowers, but because I found it incredibly therapeutic, working on little roses, primroses and leaves, with the focus of creating one last beautiful present for my incredible mum.

It’s buried with her, now. My brother said it was too beautiful to bury (and reminded me that Mum would have said the same thing!) but I made it for her. To stay with her forever. Instead, to keep, I made a little posy of the same flowers and leaves. I’ll be able to look at that every day and remember how peaceful and beautiful the funeral was, attended by the people Mum chose because they were people she cared for and loved.

7 thoughts on “One last gift

  1. That is so lovely. The day my mother died, one of my friends daughter who was 6 and always thought of her as granny did a beautiful drawing of granny. I talked it through with her mum and we put it in the coffin, but I did photocopy it first!
    Be gentle on yourself, these days are hard, especially if you are sorting out her personal things, it’s better to do it now rather than leave them, but it’s hard.


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