Wheatfields – progress update #2

I absolutely meant to update you all on this before now – it’s just under a month since I last did! But for a while I was mired in troublesome wheatfields, and couldn’t spare mental energy to talk about it; I just had to get through it 😛

So, how am I getting along? Quite nicely, actually. Despite those troublesome wheatfields.


I took this picture about ten days ago. As you can see, I’ve fully and firmly joined the lower bushes to the middle-ish bushes, with large swathes of wheat in between the two.

The thing with the wheatfields is that Van Gogh used lots of very short brushstrokes, in several different shades of yellow. Not here the long strokes and swirls of Starry Night. Oh no. Short, angular strokes for the heads of the wheat. Slightly longer brushstrokes for the shafts of the wheat. And lots of colour variation.

I’ve found myself doing a lot more surface crochet than I did in Starry Night because of this – and also, probably, because I’m not working on it hurriedly and in secret! I can take the time to get it right and get lots of lush detail and texture into it. But it does mean that the wheatfield itself has progressed rather more slowly than I thought it might. That’s okay, and actually, I have done huge amounts of the wheatfield now, but it has definitely been more of a challenge than I anticipated.


And oh god the ends *headdesk* so. many. ends. As I said in my previous update post, I am working these in as I go, but it definitely seems never-ending!

Then I reached the point where, really, I needed more bush/green at the bottom and top before I could continue on in any significant way with the wheatfield. So I set to work on the light clump of bushes in the lower left quadrant of the picture. Longer brush strokes! Discernible circle shapes! Hurrah!


Practically a doddle, in comparison to the wheatfields! Quite a lot of little accent-y bits – and again, I’m using a lot of surfact crochet to add that – but definitely easier. The quasi-amigurimi style that I used in Starry Night and am using here with Wheatfields is definitely well-suited to Van Gogh’s more rounded works 😀 I am using back-and-forth for small areas, where it’s needed (for example, it’s appropriate in the stalks of the wheatfields), and occasionally some hdc stitches to add a little height, but by and large I’m sticking with single crochet, worked from the front.

Today I connected up that clump of bushes with the rest of the piece, and it’s kind of incredible, though I say it myself.


Obviously there’s a lot still to do, but this is nearly a good, solid third of the picture as a whole. More in terms of how much work each section is – because I anticipate the sky will be easier and quicker to do. Longer brush strokes, broad sweeps of colour that won’t require so much fine detail work.

I’ll be going back to wheat fields shortly, as you can see, so I expect another few weeks of struggle, but it’ll be worth it in the end. And then I think I’m going to go for some sky. Oh yes. Nice, easy sky. A bit of cypress tree, but mostly sky 😀

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