A slight hiccup

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that yesterday, my facebook account (and thus all my posts in the CAL group, plus my crochet page, plus my instagram) disappeared.

I noticed that too. It wasn’t deliberate.

When I logged in to facebook, I was told my account had been disabled. If I thought this was in error, I should put in a support request – which I promptly did. A number of hours later, I was told that I had violated facebook’s policies, my account had been deleted, and they would not have any further communication with me about it.

So that’s….that.

We all know facebook can do that sort of thing, whenever it likes. They own the data, the pages, the comments – all of it. Fine. Okay. I don’t think I’ve lost any personal photos that I don’t also have copies of on hard drives, but I’m a bit gutted by losing the instagram, which I’ve been building up for a few years now. And obviously fairly appalled by losing access to the CAL group!

Luckily, my lovely co-moderators Kathy and Jill both have admin access to the CAL group, and once I’d signed up again with a different email address, they swiftly added me back into the group and made me an admin again! But of course all my posts are still gone, and all my comments, and all my likes of your posts.

Well, worse things happen at sea (I say, trying to be philosophical about this). I have signed back up to facebook, because sadly facebook seems to run the world these days, and I have a new facebook page here, and a new instagram here. Please feel free to like, follow, etc.

Not exactly the relaxing Easter Sunday I was planning for, but at least I can get back up and running, and now you know what’s happened, you’ll all be able to find me again in the facebook empire 🙂



7 thoughts on “A slight hiccup

  1. No, that’s not right. You should have recourse to arbitration of some sort – at least that they tell you what rule of theirs you apparently violated and you have opportunity to respond. Their company is dealing with public relationships and there should be some kind of regulations in place to prevent dictatorship behavior of this kind. I’ve heard about facebook being this way – it’s the first time I’ve encountered it – truly bizarre.


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