The Kaleidoscope Blanket CAL – Part 08

Welcome to part 08 of the Kaleidoscope CAL!

Part 08 - triangle 4b copy

This fortnight we’ll be working on Triangle 4B. The pattern is the same as Triangle 4A, but with a different set of colours.

The pdf download for this part includes details of the colours and stitches you’ll be using for this section, as well as my little tutorial on how to change colours.

You can download part 08 from Ravelry here.

It’s available in English (US and UK terms), Dutch, French, German and Persian (Arabic to follow). Please note that there is no new chart this week; you can use the chart from part 07. The video tutorials are available here on Trisha McKibbon’s Youtube channel.

Don’t forget that the best and fastest place to get help and advice with the CAL is the Facebook group, which you can find here.

Part 09 will be released in two weeks’ time, on the 24th of April.


Please be aware that although this pattern has been thoroughly tested, we are only human, and it’s possible we’ve missed something.

Therefore, any errata that come to light will be listed below, with the date of discovery, and the pattern documents will be corrected as necessary.

2 thoughts on “The Kaleidoscope Blanket CAL – Part 08

  1. Can you please point me in the right direction I’m having trouble trying to find where to download the whole pattern i can only get the getting ready part. Please help if you can. Thank you kindly in advance, Theresa Iker.


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