What a (weird) wonderful world

What peculiar times we find ourselves living in.

I think back to the beginning of the Kaleidoscope CAL, in January, and can’t quite believe that was only fourteen weeks ago. The world feels like it’s changed so much – as indeed it has, for many, many people.

For me, not a huge amount has actually changed. My mother is in the ‘highest risk’ category of people, for whom getting coronavirus would lead to hospitalisation (and beyond, probably… :S ), but she only really gets out to hospital appointments anyway. And I’m mostly housebound also, because of M.E., so it really is no hardship, staying indoors. We’re both very used to being ‘stuck’ at home! We have supermarket deliveries anyway, and pharmacy deliveries, and the postman knows us well because of all the parcels that come – so in many ways, life is continuing on more or less as normal. Birds continue to visit the garden, hedgehogs snuffle their way across the patio every night, and as far as my cat Bumble is concerned, the more her humans stay inside, the better life is!

The risks are greater, of course, and we’re all washing our hands thoroughly and frequently – and a few food items are a little harder to get hold of. However, a lovely spirit of cooperation has arisen in our road; the email list is full of people offering to go shopping, sharing home-grown veg and seedlings, and generally being thoroughly and utterly helpful. And our next-door neighbour’s teenage daughter keeps baking us cake in exchange for eggs – having four laying chickens has suddenly transformed me from having a slightly weird hobby to being in-demand for fresh eggs!!

In crochet news, I feel not much has been happening. I’ve been working on my hexagon cushion cover, which is finally finished – and yes, I still haven’t blogged about it, but I promise I will, once I have the cushion pad and can show it off in all its glory. Meanwhile, here’s an in-progress pic for you to drool over:


I have a few small bits and pieces I want to do, busting stash and keeping myself busy. Nothing big. I feel somewhat lacking in concentration, and my hands are feeling quite stiff, too, unusually – probably because of all the hand washing and consequent dry skin! But I’m trying to push myself a little, because I don’t like not being actively working on a crochet project, and it would definitely help with the sense of living in a surreal world that we’re all experiencing right now.

I’m so proud and pleased that so many of you are finding the Kaleidoscope CAL a good way to distract and destress. It’s so important, when the world has turned upside down, to have some way to try to keep stress at bay, and crocheting, of course, means you’re also creating something that you can keep and cherish forever. There is definitely something meditative about focusing in on yarn, hook and stitches, and I’m glad that, for some of you, Kaleidoscope is helping you to cope with things.

I hope, wherever you are in the world, you’re keeping safe, well and as stress-free as possible. Take care of yourselves šŸ™‚




6 thoughts on “What a (weird) wonderful world

  1. oooh, I LOVE hexagons, and I love gradients, your cushion is truly drool- worthy! I’m sorry to hear about your mother, here they are having dr visits over the phone or internet, which I think is great!


  2. Hi I just found your patterns this evening. You are SUPER talented! I just downloaded almost all of your blankets from Ravelry and tracked you down to say THANKS for sharing!


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