Ta da! Granny with a Ripple

Sometimes in life, you’ve just got to go with something simple.

P1030049 copy

I started this blanket some time in the autumn, when my mother was in hospital and I needed something brainless and portable to do. Granny squares absolutely fit the bill, though I knew I would also do a section of it as granny ripple – sort of two blankets in one. So I picked it up on visits in to her, and put it away when I was at home. But after Christmas, seeking to clear the decks a bit, I sat down to finish it. And now I have πŸ™‚

I don’t feel this is distinctive enough to merit calling it ‘my pattern’, but I thought I could collate some tips for anyone who wants them.

Using Stylecraft Special DK and a 4.5mm hook, I made 31 granny squares and 8 triangles/half-squares.

Combination A: raspbery, white, lemon, white, aster = 15 squares
Combination B: pomegranate, white, buttermilk, white, cloud blue = 16 squares, 8 triangles.

I always work my granny squares with a ch1 between 3dc clusters, and a ch3 in the corner, and I turn after every round, meaning that all the white rounds were worked from the back side of the square. I did this on the triangles, too.

I joined these together, in white, using a slightly modified form of The Patchwork Heart’s Continuous Join As You Go – modified because I wasn’t joining a square/rectangular set of squares together, but joining on the diagonal. It wasn’t complicated, but required a little forethought as to where to start and where to turn.

After joining, I worked a section of granny ripple stitch. Again, as for the granny squares, I chained one between clusters and chained three at the peaks. At the valleys, I did not work a chain between clusters. This kept the valleys from looking squashed or crowded.

My colour sequence for the ripple section was as follows (two rows of each): aster, white, lemon, white, raspberry, white, cloud blue, white, buttermilk, white, pomegranate, white.

Then I did three rounds of granny stripe as a border.

The blanket is about 35″x41″.

As it was a stashbust, I have absolutely no idea how much yarn I used. Obviously I used relatively little raspberry and pomegranate, but quite a lot of white (somewhere in the region of two full balls of yarn).

P1030057 copy

It was going to join my pile of ‘waiting for a baby’ blankets, but my mother has decided it’s a perfect lap size and has reappropriated it for her own use πŸ˜€ so it’s a keeper, apparently.

4 thoughts on “Ta da! Granny with a Ripple

  1. “I sketched out a little drawing, though I’m not sure how legible it is!” Is there a link to the sketch? Thank you for this cute pattern. Hope your Mom is doing well. – K


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