Two weeks to go!

It’s two weeks until the first part of the Kaleidoscope Blanket CAL! Are we all excited? I know I am 😀 😀

It’s been really wonderful seeing so many of you joining the Facebook group, from all around the world. I’m loving seeing all of your colour choices and your excitement over squishy parcels of yarn arriving – squishy parcels of yarn really are the best kind of parcels, aren’t they?

And it’s not too late to order a pack – Tequila Sunrise is currently out of stock at Deramores, but Jewellery Box and Old Rose are both available right now 🙂

I hope the layout diagram has been helpful to you all. I know that a few of you have felt a little daunted by the number of triangles, but I promise it’s all broken down into more manageable chunks; you won’t just be spending weeks on end doing nothing but crocheting triangles.

Don’t forget the giveaway (one pack for each colourway) runs until midnight tonight, GMT. Good luck!




2 thoughts on “Two weeks to go!

  1. Tequila Sunrise was out at Deramores, so I ordered it from Wool Warehouse (sorry). The kit came with graphite instead of citron. Was that a mistake on their part, or has there been a change?


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