New year, new project

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year 😀 mine was quiet (thanks to coming down with a cold on Christmas day!) and yarn-filled, and now I’m looking forward to 2019, hoping it will be a kinder, more peaceful and health-filled year for all of us.

And with a new year comes a new project 🙂 I still have my eye on a few bits of stash that I want to use up, but I’ve also begun planning…(drumroll, please)…a new blanket!

Oh yes. I’m so glad to finally have had an idea, one that I’m really enthusiastic about. So far it’s in the very, very early stages, by which I mean I’ve started sketching out the layout and have a few ideas of texture. Choosing colours is still a little way off, but I’m still very excited about it.


My excitement certainly outstrips my ability to draw, however. I started at the top left of this picture, and my shapes gradually got bigger and bigger!!

It’ll be some time before this is anywhere near ready to share with you all, but watch this space.


Meanwhile, I’m working on a post-Christmas ta da post to show you all the things I’ve been working on over the past couple of months, now that everybody has their Christmas presents. Expect that in the next few days.

Happy New Year, everyone 🙂


4 thoughts on “New year, new project

  1. Ooooooooh! This is so exciting can’t wait for a new design! I think I’m about to embark upon Ross again while waiting for it!


  2. How do I get hold of Demelza it looks beautiful. I have a lot of yarn to use up and this pattern would be ideal.

    Thanks in advance

    Hildie Worden


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