Buttons, buttons everywhere

It has turned into the time of year when I can’t post pictures of many of my finished objects, because they’re Christmas presents for friends and family who read the blog. I’m busily hooking, still on my use-up-yarn quest and making lots of hats, scarves, fingerless mitts, and little fun amigurumi, but if I post about them now, that would ruin the surprise. So, as I did last year, I’ll do a round-up post after Christmas of all the things I’m working on at the moment.

There are a few things that I can share with you, though! Two hats, and a scarf:

P1010345 copy
I used Patons Merino Extrafine DK, in Cherry, with a 4.5mm hook


This is another Elena slouch from Little Monkey’s Crochet. I did in fact end up having to buy another ball of this (I had two, and used most of a third), but that meant I had enough for a lovely big pom-pom. My mother claimed this hat fairly quickly! She loves red, and it looks good on her 😀


P1010348 copy
I used Stylecraft Tweedy in Thistle, and a 4.5mm hook


This one was the Yenni Slouch from Little Monkey’s Crochet. I’m really enjoying their hat patterns, can you tell? 🙂 It’s been nabbled by one of my mother’s carers, hot off the hook. I absolutely love this pattern, and the way it gathers at the top, so I’m probably going to do it again in other yarns.


And finally this Road Trip Scarf, by my lovely blogstar-colleague Zelna Oliver. For this I used Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK, in various shades of pink plus white and dove, and a 5.5mm hook. This was another ‘use up ALL the bits of yarn’ project, and I just about had enough for the whole thing 🙂 it’s going to go to the niece of a friend, a sweet little girl who will absolutely love it.

There’s a theme to this post (apart from, obviously, using stuff up). Yep – buttons. All three patterns used buttons. Which gives me a lovely excuse to talk about one of my favourite crafty things – a button box.

This is my button box:

Well, tin, really. A tin with chickens on! I do love a good tin. And inside it, a plethora of buttons in all sorts of shapes and colours.

P1010359 copy
My tin definitely inclines towards greens, blues and purples, but I am making an effort to accumulate a wider variety of colours 😀

The joy of a button box is infinite. I love sifting through it, trying to find just the right button for a project. I love nosying around etsy or folksy for interesting button sets, or for an assortment of buttons in set colours (it’s not unknown for me to buy, say, a 50g grab bag of blue buttons). It’s so useful, having an assortment of buttons. They come in handy for all sorts of projects, both as  embellishments and as functional buttons.

I don’t just buy buttons, of course. I have buttons off old clothes, though not as many of those as my mother, whose button box is filled with remnants of outfits long discarded. I’m determined to make her sort out her button box, one day – she uses it far more sensible, as a place to keep spare buttons, whereas mine is a treasure trove to be used and reimagined, and I’m sure there are buttons in her box that would be fine for me to nick off her! (I’m sure there are, Mum. Lots of lovely buttons. Gimme.)

I don’t, sadly, have my grandma’s button tin. That disappeared somewhere. But I think button tins are definitely the sort of thing that gets passed down from mothers to daughters. There’s something special about that link. And though I don’t have my grandma’s buttons, I do have some buttons from my ‘auntie’ Eve’s button box (not my actual aunt, but as close as). She gave me two little tins of buttons (you can see them in the picture above – a Santa tin and a Rudolph tin) and I keep them in the tins to remind me that they came to me with love 🙂

So that’s my tip of the month: start a button box, if you don’t already have one. Pick up odd buttons, or packs of colours, or snip them off worn-out clothing (not, obviously, anything that you’re passing on to a charity shop!). They always come in useful.

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