Ta da! C2C cushion

Anyone else wake up to snow today? 😀


Brr, it’s cold. But oh so pretty!

This last week or so, I’ve mostly been working on a corner-to-corner cushion to match my latest blanket – and to use up some of the ends of yarn leftover from that! I’m very pleased with the result, and it’s gone into the front bedroom with the blanket, which is currently being tested, so not too long until I can publish, I hope 🙂

Part of the reason I’m so pleased with a quick using-up-ends project is because…well, I am apparently completely incapable of throwing out yarn. I mean, really. If it’s shorter than the span of my two outstretched arms, then fine – that can go. But anything longer? Nope. Can’t do it. I just can’t.

These bits of yarn? Yeah, I’ll find a use for those…they’ll come in handy /one/ day, right?

Yeah, it’s a problem. I recognise that it’s a problem! I envy people who could throw away these little sweetie-sized bits of yarn. But I can’t do it. I just can’t. Ah well. Someday some perfect project will come along and these little bits of yarn will be perfect. Suggestions welcome 😛

I’m still working on my Batik Swirl blanket, too. That’s a nice, portable project, and it’s so simple that I can do it even when I’m really tired – unlike my other current project, which is a design for a set of cushion covers. Which requires quite a lot of brainwork, and last night made me moan to my friends ‘whyyyyy do I do this to myself, designing is haaaaaard’. But it’ll be worth it in the end – it always is.

8 thoughts on “Ta da! C2C cushion

  1. Such pretty projects – the cushion AND the blanket. I keep small balls of yarn like that unless they are a tangled knot in which case they do end up in the bin.


  2. I can’t throw them away either. I save them and use them to make centers for granny squares. Once I get a pile of them I put a border on them and start joining them.


    1. But then I get into the additional problem of…..I dislike mixing yarns. So all my lovely Batik leftovers? I can’t mix them with anything else! It’s one thing when it’s Special DK, of which I have tonnes, but other yarns…it’s a problem. I am aware it’s a problem. This is my Aspie brain in gear. Sigh.


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