Post-Christmas ta da!

I hope you all had a great Christmas 😀 mine was mostly quiet and peaceful, with lots of lovely yarn and lots of lovely food.

And now that’s over, I can share some of the projects I’ve been working on over the autumn, because everyone now has their gift 🙂

This is Esther Chandler’s Summer Sprigs Lace Scarf, which I’ve made before in other yarns. The yarn is the hand-dyed yarn I blogged about earlier in the autumn. I was so amused; the friend for whom I’d bought this yarn commented on that post that she really loved the colours. In fact, since opening it, she’s told me that she’d hoped the yarn was for her. I love knowing you’ve bought the perfect yarn for somebody! I used a 3.5mm hook, and I added small silver beads on for the picots in the border, which helps give the scarf a lovely drape.

I had a whole load of yarn leftover from my two seasonal projects earlier this year (The Four Seasons embroidery hoops and seasonal wreaths), particularly a lot of blues. And I have a friend who loves blue, so that worked out okay! This is Tamara Kelly’s Chevron Lace Infinity Scarf, worked in Stylecraft Classique DK. I used denim, greek blue, teal, lapis, nocturne, peppermint, and sky blue. I was a little short on peppermint and sky blue, so there are fewer of those stripes, but I’m pleased with how it came out. It’s such a lovely yarn to work with, too – it makes such lovely defined chevrons. I used a 4.5mm hook for this.

P1000288 copy

I’ve lost track of how many of these I’ve made. Seriously, seriously addictive pattern! It’s the Owl Key Chain pattern by Yarn Artists. Quick, easy, and a lovely stocking filler type gift. I’m still trying to use up odds and ends of yarn; all of these were made with Stylecraft Classisque DK, with a 3mm hook (so it would be a denser fabric, to stop the stuffing from showing). I bought a bag of keyrings from ebay, used white buttons for the eyes, and hooked away. Many people got an owl for Christmas this year 😀

I actually plan to keep making these, using other bits and pieces of cotton yarn I have squirreled away (I love the stitch definition with cotton, and it makes a nice, hard-wearing keyring). My plan is to make a decent quantity of them and then donate them to the local hospice charity, which often sells little handmade items on their front desk. It’s the hospice where my grandma was at the end of her life, and it’s a lovely place and fills an important function. They ought to be able make a few pounds from little owl keyrings, and every little helps.

As ever for Christmas, I made a few geeky bits and pieces for friends too:

A mini Hulk keyring for my Hulk-loving friend, another set of Ross, Demelza and Garrick dolls, a Daenerys Targaeryan Christmas tree topper for my brother’s work Christmas tree (okay, not an actual Christmas present, but I forgot to blog about it before Christmas, heh) and a Demelza keyring. All the details of these are on my Ravelry projects page, though the Hulk has no pattern, I just worked it up freehand.

I did make one other Christmas present this year – and it’s a big one. It absolutely deserves its own post, though, and it’s going to take me a few days to assemble all the pictures and write it up properly. I’ll aim to blog about it by the middle of next week. So keep an eye out 😀

7 thoughts on “Post-Christmas ta da!

  1. You have been productive. I credit your Demelza pattern with getting me started on the Poldark books. I took the first one on holiday with me this month. Can’t wait for book 2.


  2. What lucky friends you have. I’d be interested to know how you attached the silver beads to the scarf. I made a scarf for a friend for Christmas and attached small silver beads too but it to me ages to figure out how to do it and it didn’t really look how I wanted.


    1. It was relatively easy with this pattern, because the main body of the scarf/shawl is worked in one piece, and then you break off the yarn and begin again for the border. When I broke off and readied to begin the border, I worked out how many picot stitches I would end up with and threaded that number of beads onto the yarn. It was relatively easy to put them into the picot stitches, by working a chain sort of…around the bead, so the bead ended up on one side of that chain stitch.

      Does that help?


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