Ready for Advent

I love Advent calendars. Opening up a door each day, counting down to Christmas…I love it.

When I was little, my mother always found us ‘proper’ Advent calendars, with beautiful pictures and lots of glitter. No chocolate calendars for us! Her mother (my grandmother) was German, and always had traditional glittery Advent calendars sent over from Germany, so I suppose it was carrying on the tradition. For a few years, Mum and I have gone for chocolate ones, but this year we decided to go back to our family tradition of glittery Advent calendars. It’s our second Christmas without Grandma, who loved Christmas. She absolutely loved it to bits. The presents, the decorations, the tins of biscuits (the tins, obviously, always got kept. I do exactly the same!), all of it. Last year we were all still somewhat reeling from her passing, and my mother was very unwell, so this almost feels like the first Christmas without her – so it feels appropriate that I’ve got a ‘proper’ Advent calendar, just like the ones Grandma got for Mum, and Mum got for me.

However, I’ve also treated myself to a different sort of Advent calendar. A yarn-related calendar!

24 little tissue-paper-wrapped parcels of yarn-y goodness, plus some lovely stitch markers, and one bigger parcel for Christmas day. I bought mine from A Little Bit Sheepish, hand-dyed mini-skeins of 4 ply British Bluefaced Leicester. I actually ordered mine several months ago, and this shop are no longer offering them, but a browse on etsy shows that other yarn advent calendars are still available šŸ™‚

My plan is to use each day’s mini-skein to make a little Christmas decoration. One a day, right up until Christmas. I’ll hang them up as they’re made, and then after Christmas they can all be safely packed away, to be reused next year. I say ‘plan’, because of course there are probably going to be days where I don’t quite manage to get it done for one reason or another, but that’s my aim. Mostly I imagine I’ll be rootling around the web for patterns to follow, but I may make up a few of my own.

All my little packages are now sitting in a golden bowl in the living room, just waiting for 1st December. I should really have put them away out of sight for now; the temptation is immense! But I’m going to be good. That’s the point of an Advent calendar, after all!


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